Board Game Night: 5/14/2020

So I have to be honest. The weekly blog post for this week is a lie. Come on, don’t give me that look. You knew this would happen at some point. Simply the fact my name is “Corrupt Overlord” meant this is almost certainly bound to take place. Going digital has had it’s share of challenges and all in all I think we’ve done a good job.

We’ve made the most of it, and the heavy interaction and solid feedback means we’re doing something right. However, you just can’t replace some of the experiences that come from face to face board game nights. Sometimes you need a situation where you can just expect to trash talk each other and no one knows what the chances of winning are.

So introducing an old classic: a game I loved and last played in 2003. Bringing a question to all of you:

Do you have Worms?

So we’re going to play this:

Worms Armageddon Screenshot

Or maybe it’s this one:

Not sure which one at this point.

Honestly, communication has not been a strong point this week. We blame Phil for refusing to get a gaming laptop and staying with an Apple. No, literally, that’s where ALL the “that doesn’t work with my computer” issues are coming from.

Point being, with Patrons and friends we are going to be playing Worms against one another as they swear, yell, attack, and we work to murder the crap out of each other. It should be a jolly good time.

These games are endlessly entertaining, and we’re looking forward to taking our teams of sociopathic homicidal worms and doing some damage.

Hope you join us tonight!

If you have any other ideas of things you’d like to see while we’re on social distancing and digital lockdown then please let us know!

So Whatchya’ Doing?

  • More Patron-based activities are in the works!
  • Shane’s been having some microphone issues but still intends to hit a stream on Saturday – he’s looking for an engrossing game where you’re happy to tune in anyway. Who knows where this will lead?
  • On Monday Braden continues the awesome journey that is Final Fantasy 6 on the Super NES on our Twitch stream (6:30 to 9:30 PM)
  • Lords of Waterdeep is super awesome – why aren’t you watching our Lords of Waterdeep YouTube playthrough again? Please support such future efforts by subscribing to the Assorted Meeples YouTube channel (it’s free!)
  • Game reviews of Tharsis and Death & Taxes are (still) being put together by Shane and will soon be on the way!
  • The Patreon-only Discord is as rocking as ever. Only $1 a month to join the fun or $5 a month to play with us on Patrons’ night!
  • Braden bringing weekly MTG articles on the blog while Shane is lagging. But that’s okay because Braden’s writing is awesome, and he branches out a little with this great article on The 5 Best House Rules for 5e D&D
  • Working on getting a better setup for Digital Thursday streams
  • The bio page is really filling out. Also Shane has no idea what a selfie is!

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