Game Night: 1/23/2020

DungeonQuest Board Game
Oh the horror, the horror, the player-murdering horror!

Once again we want to thank everyone for the amazing support that we’ve received so far. If you haven’t read our first “Our Supporters Are Awesome” article that Shane wrote yesterday, please have a quick read at that. It’s a good one, and it’s a post that really gets to the heart of just how thankful our group is for each and every single one of you wonderful people.

So this week is going to be something really different, and really special. Our good friend Ben, fellow tabletop RPG player, friend to Assorted Meeples, and DM for several of us for 5e & Werewolf:The Apocalypse, he will be DM’ing a very….let’s go with “special” board game.

DungeonQuest is a game that wants to murder all the players.

That is not an exaggeration or misprint. DungeonQuest makes the Tomb of Horrors feel like a novice tutorial level.

The point is to stay alive long enough to get treasure, and then stay alive long enough to leave. The last living player with the most treasure wins. Simple, right? Well…

Players have died on turn one. Shane has avoided death on turn 2 on THREE separate occasions because he luckily chose the only character who had the stats high enough to survive each specific challenge – and then he rolled high enough to do so.

This is a fantastically fun game because everyone goes in knowing that they are DOOMED, but trying to get their sliver of treasure and survive and it leads to hilarious moments…like Ben’s ridiculous unlikely raiding of a Dragon’s Lair or Shane’s grabbing a treasure and immediately leaving the dungeon on Turn 4…and that strategy almost worked to win the game.

It helps to have someone run this game and move it along, so game owner Ben has graciously agreed to be our Dungeon Master (DM) for this game to run us through one, two, or possibly even three or four games depending on how good or bad the luck is.

This is a four player game, so we’ll be rotating in and out, and if the great and mighty Callahan can’t join us, then it will be all about the rotation. First dead jumps into chat to help our awesome moderator. Shouldn’t take long 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing all of you tonight! If you’re not following us already on Twitch or supporting us on Patreon, please consider doing so. We really appreciate every bit of support and hope to see ya’ll tonight!

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