Game Night: 1/9/2020

Dice Forge Board Game Boxed
The mightiest of all the gaming forges!

Hey everyone! We are kicking off the new year strong and man do we have some killer schedules lined up! We hope all of you will be joining us tonight for the weekly Thursday board game night.

We’ll be kicking off tonight with Dice Forge, an awesome dice game where upgrades give the rest of us at least a fighting chance (in theory) against Phil and his bullsh*t dice rolling luck since we can all upgrade our dice and pursue different victory routes.

A 4-player game, we’ll kick this off with the great and mighty Callahan on computer and assisting our wonderful chat admin (Thank you, TridentDragon!) before joining in for possibly a second game if the first goes fast, but if it runs long which is likely with this group of thinkers, we’ll get him in for some zombie mayhem and fun with Zombie Dice.

Dice Forge is available on Board Game Arena so you can try it yourself online, or check out the rules video below.

Good Video on Dice Forge Rules

If there is time we will be jumping to Zombie Dice for our quick game. You won’t need a rules video on this one as we’ll be able to explain it all in roughly 60 seconds on stream.

Zombie Dice Game
Zombie Dice: A fantastic, fun, and very fast paced game placing zombies vs. food…er I mean humans.

Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight! If you’re not following us already on Twitch or supporting us on Patreon, please consider doing so. We really appreciate every bit of support and hope to see ya’ll tonight!

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Links for the Replay

Did you end up having to work? Miss the always entertaining action? We have the replay links right here so you can catch up on all the Thursday night fun! Who had the mightiest of all the forges? Who made the best and (hilariously) worst zombies? Watch the replay to find out.

January 9th Twitch Board Game Replay