Board Game Night: 3/12/2020

We are already half way through March. Who knew time would fly like this?

How do the Eastern Mountains compare to the original game? We will see tonight with special guest Sorlus from Twitch!

Main Game: Century Golem Eastern Mountains

Here at Assorted Meeples we are obviously big fans of the game Century Golem. That game is easy to learn, has plenty of strategy involved, and although deck building players like Braden definitely have an advantage, there’s just enough luck than it can be anyone’s game. Especially depending on which golems come up or which powerful cards are revealed for buying at what time.

This is also a game that really stands apart from many others. The uniqueness of game play makes it a really great change of pace game. Or a great choice when you’re not sure what to play. It is so distinctly different from dice games and most card based games, making it a fun and delightful option to move into your rotation.

This week Corrupt Overlord, coming “fresh” off a surgery gone sideways will be behind the laptop interacting with chat and heckling the rest of the table tackles this game that Phil vouches for. Even more exciting, our SPECIAL GUEST Sorlus. Sorlus has been a long-time supporter of our channel and runs a kick-ass Twitch channel of his own. If you haven’t checked it out or followed him yet, please do!

It’s going to be a delight to have him here with us for a collab of this evolution of the Century Golem crystal game. Obviously I (Shane) will be cheering for him versus those other jerks.

And maybe St. Christopher. They should form an alliance or something.

Hopefully this game turns out to be as exciting and entertaining as the original, if not more so.

Join us. Heckle Phil, say hello to Sorlus, and enjoy our always awesome chat as we play Century Golem: Eastern Mountains tonight on Twitch starting at 6:30 CST.

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