Meeple Meetup 07/02/2020

Well hello fellow Meeples! The 4th of July is just around the corner and while celebrations are going to be a bit muted this year due to the fact that nothing makes a large public get-together grill out and board game day a bad idea like a pandemic. We look forward to those days in the future when we can meet again in person. Though learning to shoot from multiple locations has definitely taught us some skills we will be able to put to good use in the future.


A new month means it’s that time again: HUGE shout out to our $10 patrons. Right now, that means the living legend of our Patreon Discord, reader of Dresden File books, frequent competitor on Patreons’ game night, creator of the concrete donkey in Worms WMD, Introducer of Coup, tireless supporter and friend of Assorted Meeples: MADCLAW!

So Madclaw, this is your SHOUT OUT!

Thank you so much for your encouragement, your support, and your awesome role as part of the Assorted Meeple community. From being there to keep Twitch chats lively to helping create our stunningly awesome Patrons’ only Discord, you, Sir, have been the epitome of awesomeness. Well done and be recognized!

The Minions Approve!

IF you would like to follow the example of this wonderful part of our community and support us at our highest level, please check us out on Patreon where you will get access to our incredible Discord (three separate GIF wars this week, all kinds of video game/Steam sale chatter, and the fitness competition continues) head on over and give it a look!

We love our community and for only $1 a month you get full access to the Discord, while $5 and up gets you into Patrons’ night every other week which so far has been nothing short of amazing.

The Return of Worms W.M.D.

We have had a blast integrating some video games with board games. We’ve worked to look for games that let us talk trash, engage with chat, and basically get us as close to the in-person interaction as we are able to get before the you-know-what (just naming said unpopular virus can result in our page being banished to never-never land, so hence the workaround). This was also a week we’re working on a whole lot of things that will be rolling out the rest of summer, so we wanted something easy and entertaining.

And we’re always up for trash talking each other. So this made Worms a perfect fit. Let the crazy creative bloodshed begin!

WORSHIP THE HOLY HAND GRENADE….Worship it (fist shaking Homer Simpson style)!

This is always entertaining to play and watch. The fact that we now have the side cut-outs to see reactions is just going to make everything all the better. We look forward to going through another round, discovering more crazy craftable weapons of mass destruction, and getting some of our $5 and up Patrons involved, as well, quite possibly.

What’s on Slate for the Month?

This should be a pretty fun month. We have a tentative plan but keep in mind due to some vacation plans and the ever-changing nature of how we do things, these might get switched around a bit. That said, we’re excited about what’s coming up.

July’s Tentative Thursday Schedule:

  • July 2nd: Worms W.M.D.
  • July 9th: Something new from our group Steam Sale efforts
  • July 16th: Splendor (Phil will be gone, so we can finally break this game out as we don’t have to deal with Mac compatibility)
  • July 23rd: Stone Age (Boardgame Arena we’re coming home!)
  • July 30th: Small World as we probably welcome Phil back

Speaking of Phil…and MUCH better “better halves…”

Have You Seen the Most Recent Table for Two?

The rivalry between husband and wife heats up with another board game showdown. You’ll have to watch the game for the up to date scorecard!

All kidding aside, we love ya’ Phil, thanks for being a good sport. Really enjoying those Wednesday releases and looking to see more take place. There’s also one more schedule change to be aware of.

It’s Tuesday for Shane’s Streams

Now that Shane managed to get through a month of Monday’s in the world’s most insane Kindegarten, finishing off his last Saturday morning stream, it seems only right that since he has moved his Twitch stream to 6:30 p.m. on TUESDAY nights, he should kick off the obvious sequel that also starts on a Tuesday.

So join us as Kindegarten blends into Kindegarten 2. So far this school might be even more frightening/terrifying than the first. So in other words, it is freaking awesome and wonderful!

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