Meeple Meetup 5/21/2020

I mean since we were playing digital board games, and now we’re playing very much not video games, the name change seems to make sense. At least until we can have in-person meetups once again! Last week’s playing of Worms W.M.D. was fantastic and we had a blast. That’s definitely going to be making itself part of the regular rotation.

So this week we’ve been our usual responsible selves at Assorted Meeples so we might be playing this:

Golf with your Friends Steam Screenshot

After all long-time supporter and Patron (yes, you can Support Us on Patreon to get in on these shenanigans!) Madclaw recommended this game. It comes highly recommended, seems like our types of chaos, and hey it is Madclaw’s birthday, so we aim to deliver some happy celebrations!

Or we’re horribly organized and we’re going to play this again:

Worms WMD screenshot

Or maybe Braden, Callahan, and I will play this not Mac friendly version just to troll Phil and his Apple Computer ways.

Worms Armageddon Screenshot

Oh, Phil did get back to us? We are playing Golf then? Cool.

Ignore the last two screenshots up there. Apparently we are grading our professionalism on baseball stats right now, lol.

Today were are playing Golf with Your Friends with our $5 Patrons and hoping to cause the type of chaos and fun that you have all come to enjoy from us. This should be an absolute blast and I have a sneaking suspicion we will be looking at making this part of the online pandemic rotation, as well.

If you haven’t spotted it yet, you will want to check out our YouTube channel as our second long-form game video is up and it was something special, for sure!

Braden is putting out more MTG content on the blog. Shane’s Tharsis review is coming along and will be up in the next few days, as well as a couple of surprise blog posts next week. We’re also working on more high quality YouTube content and have some really cool things coming down the pipe. Always striving to get better.

Things are moving along and we’re excited about what’s next. We hope you join us tonight as we celebrate more craziness.

Golf with Your Friends starts tonight at 6:30 CST on Twitch. Hope to see you there!

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