Meeple Meetup 8/6/2020

Well hello, hello, hello once again my fellow Meeples! How’s everyone doing on this fine Thursday? Certainly better than a Wishy-washy Wednesday, a tormenting Tuesday or, ugh, a Monday. And no, Mondays don’t get alliteration. They don’t deserve it. But you have us on Thursdays so hopefully that counts as something!

So there have been some suggestions that between Shane’s constant chanting of “Suck it!,” Callahan’s obsession with “your face,” and the years’ long general animosity between players (and the less mentioned about Phil’s dice luck the better), that maybe we here at Assorted Meeples need a team building exercise. One of those team building corporate retreats that never go wrong.

So after Shane was reminded not to tell our Patrons to suck it and Callahan said something about I’m a face, we decided to dive into the game of Unrailed, where we will work together (in theory) to clear land, beat up robbers, create a great railroad track, and make our way across a Minecraft inspired graphics game.

While simple at first glance, Unrailed is actually a very fun and enjoyable co-op game that is surprisingly challenging (far more than you would think) as we need to balance ever increasing disasters as we are building a railroad from one depot to the next.

Will we succeed? Will we fail? Will Shane manage to sneak in writing his name in cursive in the railroad tracks?

Only one way to find out. Join us on Twitch tonight to see all the crazy shenanigans!

Unrailed video game screenshot
The train must be bit…but we’re a bit short on tools right now…

Oh yeah. Those train tracks must be built!

Patron’s Night!

Many thanks to those of you supporting us on Patreon. We adore each and every one of you and love the interactions on Discord, as well as the crazy Friday night games. This week it looks like one of the crazy golf games is ahead. I’m sharpening my putter into a rage inducing spear point…so join us for that fun, as well?

Not a Patron? Never fear – you can support us on our Patreon page. A mere $1 gets you in the door to our unbelievably awesome Patrons only Discord. $5 and above Patrons are guaranteed a spot in Patrons night with any leftover spots (if there are any) are first come first serve among the $1 supporters. Give us a look and thank you for your on-going support!

Table for Two: Onitama

Another wonderful Table for Two – loving this series!

Phil and his lovely wife Heather have put out another great 2 player game. This time it starts with Heather making fun of Phil for nerding out. It’s a great start that just flows into great gameplay. You can tell they’re getting more comfortable on camera and the gameplay is always on point. It’s just getting better and better. Catch this week’s episode on YouTube, and make sure to subscribe there to never miss a new episode!

Upcoming Schedule of Events

  • Aug 7th: Patrons Night
  • Aug 13th: Playing Overcooked 2 in a hilarious attempt to run a kitchen…and safe bet we won’t do it well but it should be entertaining to watch, LOL
  • Aug 20th: Sagrada
  • Aug 21st: Patrons Night
  • Aug 27th: TBD – Possibly breaking out Shotgun Farmers, possibly hitting a classic like Settlers, LoW, or Stone Age
  • And of course Braden streaming every Monday night (currently playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night) with Shane streaming every Tuesday night (alternating between West of Loathing and Kindergarten 2 – assuming we can figure out the recurring buffering issue). Shane may also go rogue once in a while with some Civ 6 playing, especially with the great new updates.

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