Best Munchkin Expansions: Our Top 7 Picks

If you’re a fan of the classic game Munchkin, you’re going to love all the available expansions. Each expansion offers something new and exciting for players to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for more cards, new monsters, or just something different, there’s sure to be an expansion that suits your needs.

Our picks for the best Munchkin expansions are:

  1. Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe
  2. Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe
  3. Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors
  4. Munchkin 4: Need for Steed Expansion
  5. Munchkin 5: Deranged
  6. Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons
  7. Munchkin 8: Half Horse Will Travel

The rest of this article will explain why these expansion packs are the best options for Munchkin players. We’ll also cover a few frequently asked questions, so read on!

Munchkin boardgame pieces
I mean the original Munchkin is super great…but we have the expansions to make it even greater, mwuh ha ha! (Pink Starburst not included with amazing map art)

1. Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe

Munchkin Deluxe Board Game
Munchkin Deluxe – the expansion that kicked off all that were to follow!

If you’re a fan of the Munchkin card game, then you’ll want to check out the Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe expansion pack. 

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin Deluxe?

  • The additional cards interact with the existing game extremely well – no clumsiness, bloat, or too much power creep
  • Game board is very nicely done while staying true to the original art style
  • The special cards add additional hilarity and items but they don’t overpower all the original cards
  • You don’t need to make major adjustments to use this expansion

This new set comes with 168 cards in total, including 12 bonus cards that you can only find in the deluxe set. The bonus cards add a ton of new content to the game, including races, classes, and even magical items.

The deluxe expansion pack also includes a special die and six new pawns. So if you’re looking to add some more excitement to your Munchkin games, then this is an expansion pack to buy. 

One of the best things about Munchkin Deluxe is that it can be used with any other expansion packs that you have. This means you can mix and match the cards to create a custom gaming experience that’s perfect for your needs.


  • A completely independent game that can be played out of the box without the base game.
  • 168 cards with additional new cards.
  • Standee, six-sided dice, and rule book included.
  • Large game board.

2. Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe

Munchkin 2 unnatural axe expansion
A very worthy follow-up to the original!

When it comes to the best Munchkin Expansion Pack, a few different answers could be given. And preference can play a part, especially when there are so many expansion decks available for Munchkin.

However, no matter who you ask, The Munchkin 2—Unnatural Axe expansion pack is almost always on the top 10 or even top 5 list. This expansion to Steve Jackson’s Munchkin is often considered one of the best. 

This expansion pack was released in 2001 and added new monsters, items, and rules to the game.

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe?

  • Item Enhancers are a really interesting new mechanic that add a really great mix to an already classic game
  • The new Orc race is great and bonus cards for Orcs are excellent and make them very fun to play
  • Blank cards throw amazing curve balls into the game if you have creative players
  • More high-end monsters so one or two cards don’t determine a game

One of the things that makes this expansion pack so popular is that it’s designed to appeal to experienced players. It adds new challenges and rewards that make the game more complex and exciting. 

If you understood the meta of the first game, you will appreciate the changes and enhancements that this expansion brings to the table. If that sounds scary – don’t let it frighten you off.

This expansion is great for beginners, it’s great for experts, it’s just a great overall addition to the original Steve Jackson game, period.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Munchkin game, Unnatural Axe is generally agreed to be the best option. 

The expansion pack includes 112 cards, 11 more than the original Munchkin game. In addition, many great new cards help you power up your character and take down monsters, including the unnatural Axe, which provides +5 bonus damage in a single turn!


  • 112 new cards alongside the base game.
  • New items, treasure, and characters.
  • Provides a new theme.
  • Parodies of many famous pop-culture references.

3. Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors

The Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors expansion pack is one of the best in the Munchkin series and demonstrates the clear attention to detail and focus on enhancing the game that each of the expansions to this point . 

It adds new cards and rules to the game, making it more challenging and exciting. There are also several new monsters and items and new Clerical Errors cards that can change the course of the game.

Munchkin 3 clerical errors expansion
Arguably the best clerical error in history!

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 3 Clerical Errors?

  • No shortage of new cards, tokens, and comes with a level counter; the value is outstanding
  • Some more versatile and flexible cards
  • D&D fans will love the addition of bards and gnomes
  • Cards feel good in the hands and are clearly cut from the same grade of cardboard as the base game

This expansion pack is perfect for experienced players looking for a new challenge. Plus, it can be used with any other Munchkin expansion packs or with the original game. That kind of smooth mix-in feature is how we judge the expansions that work versus those that don’t.

It includes several new card types and the concept of clerical errors, which can mess up your game in hilarious ways. It also includes new races, classes, and a slew of various gameplay changes.

IMPORTANT: If you did not buy the second expansion, there are a couple Orc-specific cards that should be removed to make play easier.

If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud game that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end, then Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors is the perfect expansion pack for you.


  • 112 new cards alongside the base game.
  • Best value out of all the Munchkin expansion packs.
  • Perfect game for beginners but also approachable for veterans. 
  • The expansion comes alongside six tokens, additional markers, and a level counter.

4. Munchkin 4: Need for Steed Expansion

The Munchkin 4 – Need for Steed Expansion is an excellent addition to the game because it allows players to ride horses into battle. 

The pack comes with six new steed cards and two new saddleback rider cards, which add a lot of fun and excitement to the game. 

However, this expansion requires the original Munchkin game in order to play. 

Munchkin 4 the need for steed expansion
The only down side of Munchkin The Need for Steed is that it could use even more steeds…

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 4: The Need for Steed

  • The addition of steeds and hirelings adds even more dynamics to how you can play your hands
  • The card art is great as always
  • Some really great door card additions

The steed cards can be used in conjunction with the Monster cards to help you fight the monsters, or they can be used on their own to help you get ahead in the game. 

The pack also adds new rules and a new ending condition, which is a huge curve ball compared to what many of the other Munchkin expansions have to offer.

The Need for Steed expansion was generally well-received by fans of the game. However, some criticisms include the fact that it doesn’t add much to the basic gameplay and that it can be difficult for beginners to understand.


  • The addition of steeds adds a much-needed twist to the original game.
  • Games are more fast-paced and end quicker.
  • Great expansion for veteran players as it provides depth and strategic elements.
  • High replayability makes it a good value expansion pack.

5. Munchkin 5: Deranged

Munchkin 5 – Deranged is one of the best expansions because it contains cards that make the game more exciting and challenging. Did you want even more crazy humor? More weird items? More insanity?

Congratulation, this is the Munchkin expansion you’ve been waiting for and that you will love!

For example:

  • The Cheat card allows players to cheat by drawing extra cards. 
  • The Monster Enhancer card makes monsters stronger and harder to defeat. 
  • These cards add a new level of excitement to the game and make it more challenging for players to win.

This expansion introduces insane new cards like the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment and the Axe of Stabbing. It also includes new monster types and new dungeon cards, and treasure cards.

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 5 De-Ranged?

  • Chaos, chaos, and more chaos
  • This is the expansion that feels like they all let it loose
  • Brings next level craziness to the game
  • Great change of pace from the other expansions
Munchkin 5 De-Ranged expansion
Do you want to bring the chaos? Because this is how you bring the chaos!

Deranged is an excellent expansion for players looking for a more challenging game. The new cards add a lot of variety and unpredictability to the game, making it more exciting to play. 

If you’re a stickler for structure, this expansion might not be quite your thing. Among us at Assorted Meeples it is absolutely one of our favorites!


  • Introduces a new fantasy theme.
  • Adds several new gameplay and RPG mechanics.
  • This expansion can be integrated with other expansions.
  • New characters, classes, and steed cards from the previous munchkin expansion have also been added.

6. Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons

Munchkin 6 – Demented Dungeons is all about the dungeon crawling elements. It adds new cards and rules that’ll have you delving into the darkest depths of the dungeons in search of treasure and monsters to defeat.

The Demented Dungeons expansion takes the game to a whole new level with 20 new dungeon cards and 16 portal cards. 

The portal cards and definitely key here as they add a new layer to the game that really spices things up.

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 6 Demented Dungeons

  • This expansion takes the replay value of Munchkin to the next level
  • The portals and new “in-game” rules based on various cards
  • Adds even more chaos and unpredictability to a great game
  • Keeps things from getting stale

It also introduces new monsters, traps, and treasures to keep players on their toes. Demented dungeons is a great way to add an extra layer of excitement to the game, and when you add it to 5: De-ranged, a conventionally straight forward game can get wild.

The game is all about looting treasure and stabbing your friends in the back. It’s a ton of fun, and the games usually only last around 30-60 minutes, making it easy to break out for a fast bit of fun. 

If you’re looking for an excellent way to spice up your Munchkin games, then I highly recommend picking up this expansion.

It’s one of our favorites and while it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, we’re confident even the most adamant lovers of the base game will adore this expansion.


  • 20 new dungeon cards. 
  • 16 new portal cards. 
  • A refreshing dungeon-based theme.
  • Gameplay changes and new rules add a new twist to the game.
  • Works with the base game as well as other expansion packs.

7. Munchkin 8: Half Horse Will Travel

Munchkin 8 – Half Horse Will Travel is the best Munchkin expansion in our eyes overall, because it’s a great combination of adding to classic Munchkin mechanics extremely well while also taking the game in a new and fun direction. 

Why Do We Personally Love Munchkin 8 Half Horse Will Travel

  • Centaurs and Lizard Guys are two great additions to the races in this game
  • Fun new mechanics that continue to improve the game’s replayability
  • Tons more monsters and treasures which is always good in a Munchkin game
  • Clearly took feedback from fans of the game and previous expansions to fill in missing pieces
Munchkin 8 Half Horse Will Travel Expansion
Arguably the best of the many Munchkin expansions, and a fantastic addition to the core game.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse add a fantastic new element to the game and make it more challenging and strategic, which was definitely needed to help balance out previous iterations of the game where the first player to 9 would get ganged up on, then the second player to 9 tended to win.

While that can still happen, these new mechanics make a massive difference and deliver different ways that the game can play out or players can interact with one another as they race for that final room.

While some of the other expansions would seem to throw in chaos and fun for the sake of both, there’s more of a strategic bend to what’s added with the Half Horse Will Travel expansion for Munchkin and really brings a different experience to an already outstanding game and improves upon it even further.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting Munchkin expansion, then you should definitely check out Munchkin 8 – Half Horse Will Travel. 


  • 112 new cards alongside the base game.
  • New races and characters. 
  • Steeds from the Need for Steed expansion also added to this expansion.
  • New gameplay mechanics and rule changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over some of the FAQs of Munchkin and its expansions. 

Is Munchkin Easy To Play for Beginners?

Munchkin is fairly easy to play for beginners as it’s straightforward to learn. However, it can be challenging to master, and adding expansions can make it even more complicated. 

It’s best to start with the simple and original game and then move on to expansions once you understand the rules thoroughly.

What’s the Basic Premise of the Game?

The basic premise of the game is to move your character around the board, fighting monsters and gathering treasure. The player with the most treasure at the end of the game wins. 

In the game, players take on the role of munchkins, progressing through levels by defeating monsters and taking their treasure. 

However, Munchkin has many different expansions, each with its own unique set of rules.

How Do You Play Munchkin?

The basic gameplay of Munchkin is as follows: each player starts with eight cards in their hand, which they draw from throughout the game. The game aims to kill monsters, loot treasure, and level up your character. You play by drawing cards and moving forward based on what’s behind the door.

You have to draw one card from your door deck and place it face-up on your turn. Then, depending on what’s behind the door, you’ll either have to:

  • Battle a monster
  • Defend against a curse
  • Battle a monster from your deck (only if there’s no monster behind the door)
  • Look for treasure

Players start at level 1 with basic weapons and armor, and each time they kill a monster, they gain experience points (XP) and treasure. When players have enough XP, they level up, giving them more cards and better gear.

The game is over when one player reaches level 10 and wins the game. Alternatively, if a player dies, the game is over, and that player loses.

What Are Some of the Features of the Munchkin Card Game?

Munchkin has a ton of features that make it enjoyable, including a variety of races and characters, a wide range of cards, plenty of treasure, and different expansions. All of this means that the game can be played according to your preferences. 

Here are some of Muchkin’s top features:

  • A variety of races and character classes that players can choose from. They come with wickedly funny illustrations too.
  • There are many different types of cards in the game that can help or hinder players. For example, some cards let players steal treasure from other players or cards that make monsters harder to kill. 
  • There is a vast collection of items, an arsenal of abilities, and unique treasures to be found and taken. Naturally, this will keep players wanting more.
  • The game is simple to learn. Munchkin is perfect for people who like to play strategy games.
  • It can be played in about 30 minutes, making it perfect for a quick game night. There’s also a lot of humor in the game.

What Are the Munchkin Expansions?

Munchkin Expansions are additional cards and features that are designed to enhance the base game. This might include new characters, cards, and rules. There are currently over twenty expansions for the game, and more are being released all the time. 

The first expansion, Munchkin Deluxe, was published in 2002. This introduced new cards and rules and made the game more complex. 

A second expansion was published in 2003, adding new characters and weapons to the game. 

You can find a complete list of all the available expansions on the Steve Jackson Games website. 

How Long Does it Take to Play Through an Expansion?

It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to play through and an expansion. However, it depends on the number of players, the complexity of the expansion, and the amount of time players are willing to spend. However, no expansion should take any longer than two hours to complete.

Do You Need the Base Game to Play the Expansions?

Players of Munchkin need the base game to play all of the expansion except for the deluxe expansions. This is because the base game comes with a six-sided die, while the expansions do not. The base game also has rules for cooperative play, which are not found in the expansion packs.

Is It Necessary to Buy Munchkin Expansions?

It is not necessary to buy Munchkin expansions as you can enjoy the base game as it is. However, each of these expansions offers something unique and exciting for Munchkin players. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, there’s sure to be something that attracts you. 

If you’re looking to add to your Munchkin collection, then you’ll definitely want to check out these expansions. 


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