Unqualified Experts #21: Barbarian Vs. Fighter 5E Debate

barbarian vs fighter 5e pic

RAGE! As the barbarian unleashes the type of fury that makes even seasoned adventurers wet themselves and dive for cover like the already who-know-where-he/she-is rogue, the fighter unleashes multiple trained attacks relying on nearly legendary “Action Surge” to display their full ability of martial prowness. So who wins? Is the barbarian stopped dead (probably not … Read more

Unqualified Experts #15: Creative Character Design for Tabletop RPG

Gamers showing off character sheets

We’ve all had friends who seem to struggle with creating the perfect character for the next tabletop RPG campaign. And by friends, we mean us. All of us have had those moments where all those ideas for new characters bouncing around in our heads between campaigns just disappear. And the session zero gets closer and … Read more