Unqualified Experts #39: Beginner Poker Playing Tips

Saying Callahan and Shane have lived interesting lives would be an understatement, to say the least. Both made a full-time living playing poker at one point, so we thought, why not harness that knowledge and experience to put together some interesting episodes on playing poker? So our two biggest resident trouble makers are the stars of this episode of Unqualified Experts are taking center stage to give a clinic on getting good as a beginner.

Some of their advice is really surprising, and once the stories start coming out, it becomes so entertaining the long episode run time just flies by. It’s good advice, good strategy, and made accessible.

So after losing his shirt, and everything else, Braden takes a well-deserved break post-sketch as Old Man Callahan and the Corrupt Overlord give strategies, resources, and help teach you to up your poker game so you don’t end up wearing a barrel like Braden. Don’t be like Braden.

Beginner Poker Tips Video

We hope you enjoy this episode. It’s a bit off the beaten path of what we usually cover but these guys know their stuff and really enjoyed hitting the old stories and talking about the game that they both clearly love and have a passion for.

So kick back, grab a notebook and pad, and up your poker education in time for the holidays with family!

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