MTG Flying Rules Guide

Archangel Avacyn MTG Flying thumbnail

Magic: the Gathering (MTG) is a complex game, including dozens and dozens of keywords across over 30 years of cards. Some keywords show up once, never to be seen again, others appear periodically, dipping in and out of sets as is mechanically sensible. Then there are evergreen keywords like Flying, which are present in virtually …

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Best White Lands For Commander in MTG

MTG Emeria the Sky Ruin

White magic flows through the veins of Commander, infusing decks with purity, resilience, and an unwavering sense of justice. When it comes to harnessing the power of White, the choice of lands can significantly impact your ability to execute flawless strategies and achieve victory. But what are some great examples of some of the best …

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Can You Play MTG Solo?

MTG solo play goldfishing Commander thumbnail

If you’ve been hooked by the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) bug, you’ve whiled away many an afternoon building and playing decks with friends locally or on online platforms like Magic: The Gathering Arena. Whether jamming traditional 2-player games or the multiplayer madness that is Commander, the social aspect is what puts “The Gathering” into Magic. …

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The Best MTG Booster Boxes to Make Money

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With so many booster boxes on the market, it takes significant work and study to determine which MTG products contain the most value. Some booster boxes will have a higher density of more expensive cards from their release date, ensuring you can break even or profit from them by reselling the complete booster box, individual …

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MTG’s Best Red Tutors for Commander

If you asked a Commander player what the worst color in MTG was during the last few years, most would say white. Its lack of card draw and efficient mana ramp made it challenging to start on even footing with your opponents, making the setup of bigger plays in the late game needlessly difficult when …

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MTG’s Best Colorless Board Wipes for Commander

MTG All is Dust card art

Colorless spells occupy a unique place in Magic: The Gathering‘s Commander format, as they can be included in any deck (barring mana symbols that influence their color identity). Better still, colorless cards can do a little bit of everything, allowing them to shore up weaknesses of the colors you are (or lack thereof) that you’re …

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The Best Places to Buy MTG Booster Boxes

MTG booster boxes

I’ve been opening packs of various cards since I was a kid. The trading card game (TCG) I bought cards for evolved as I got older, starting with Pokémon in elementary school, shifting to Yu-Gi-Oh! in high school, and ultimately landing on Magic: the Gathering (MTG) in college. Booster packs were special in my younger …

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The Best Places to Buy MTG Cards (Singles)

MTG cards on stairs

Once you’re hooked on Magic: The Gathering (MTG), there’s nothing that feels as good as getting new cards. Whether from packs, the local card shop, or in the mail, the anticipation and unexplored strategic possibilities never fail to get me pumped to tune decks and jam some games to test out my changes. These days, …

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