MTG’s Best Blue Board Wipes for Commander

The Phasing of Zhalfir MTG card

When a Magic: The Gathering player thinks of control, their instinct is to think of blue. With its wealth of efficient counterspells and card draw options, no other color comes close to blue’s prowess when it comes to picking and choosing what spells its opponents are allowed to resolve. Since card advantage and attrition are …

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MTG’s Best Black Board Wipes for Commander

Toxic Deluge MTG card

When playing in a Magic: The Gathering format where decks are typically built around a legendary creature, it isn’t exactly a revelation to point out that you should include the ability to answer said creatures while building your Commander deck. Spot removal, or spells that destroy a single creature, can definitely get the job done …

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MTG’s Best White Board Wipes for Commander

Vanquish the Horde MTG card

Each color in Magic: The Gathering‘s color pie excels at certain tasks, performing them far better than any other. For example, green is the best at mana ramp, black is the best at tutoring, blue has the best countermagic, red gets the best burn spells, and white is the best at mass removal (also referred …

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MTG’s Best Green Board Wipes for Commander

Whirlwind MTG card

Artifacts and enchantments are often the underappreciated heroes of Commander games. Ramping mana, providing utility, and changing the rules of the game to better suit their owners’ needs, it’s easy to forget that removal for these types of cards is as important as removal for dangerous creatures. Sometimes, even more so. When playing against decks …

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MTG’s Best Flicker Commanders (Payoffs)

Garth One-Eye MTG card

Creatures that have a cool ability that triggers when they enter the battlefield (ETB) can be found as far back in Magic: The Gathering‘s (MTG) history as Alliances, but Visions, released in 1997, was the first MTG set to truly lean into this area of card design. Powerful spells like Unsummon and Terror were stapled …

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MTG’s Best Blink Commanders (Enablers)

Brago King Eternal MTG card

Cards with strong abilities that activate simply for entering the battlefield are often beloved by Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players, regardless of your favorite way to play the game. When you think about it, this makes total sense. The ability for a creature to do its cool thing, even if it eats an immediate removal …

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