MTG’s Best Blink Commanders (Enablers)

Brago King Eternal MTG card

Cards with strong abilities that activate simply for entering the battlefield are often beloved by Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players, regardless of your favorite way to play the game. When you think about it, this makes total sense. The ability for a creature to do its cool thing, even if it eats an immediate removal … Read more

MTG’s Best Red Board Wipes for Commander

Blasphemous Act MTG card

Sometimes, a board state is simply too complicated for its own good. The token deck has a huge swarm of creatures, but is being held in check by a pillow fort deck that taxes attackers with mana payments. An artifact combo deck watches this balance with interest, looking for an opportunity to combo off and … Read more

MTG’s Best Blue Tutors for Commander

Intuition MTG card

In a singleton format like Commander, where you’re only allowed to play 1 copy of any card that isn’t a basic land instead of 4, you’re often forced to look for alternate means of redundancy when tuning your deck to help it run more consistently. Periodically, you’ll be able to run 2 functionally identical cards … Read more

MTG’s Best White Mana Ramp Cards for Commander

Archaeomancer's Map MTG card

Green gets all the best mana ramp cards in Magic: The Gathering (MTG), making it the color best suited for helping you power out powerful creatures and big, splashy spells. Red and black get access to a lot of mana acceleration (one-time ramp), and blue’s ability to lean on artifacts for support, along with occasional … Read more

The Best Token Commanders in MTG

Rhys the Redeemed MTG card

Have you ever wanted to create a horde of creatures, watch the dread in your opponents’ eyes as they realize nobody at the table is holding a board wipe, then swing with dozens of attackers to take them all out simultaneously in a game of Magic: the Gathering (MTG)? If so, token decks may be … Read more

How Does Mage Slayer Work in MTG?

MTG Mage Slayer card

Released in Alara Reborn, a set famous for being exclusively made up of gold cards in 2009, Mage Slayer was part of a cycle of uncommon Equipment cards. These 5 (which also included Behemoth Sledge, Demonspine Whip, Mask of Riddles, and Shield of the Righteous), along with Unscythe, Killer of Kings, were the first colored … Read more

MTG’s Best Equipment for Commander

MTG Umezawa's Jitte card

One of the best parts of Dungeons & Dragons is identifying and divvying up loot. Whether your DM is sneaking in some homebrew items or you’re just getting cool swag from the Dungeon Master’s Guide, equipping your character with new gear always feels good. That’s why it constantly surprises me that it took Wizards of … Read more