MTG’s Best Red Board Wipes for Commander

Blasphemous Act MTG card

Sometimes, a board state is simply too complicated for its own good. The token deck has a huge swarm of creatures, but is being held in check by a pillow fort deck that taxes attackers with mana payments. An artifact combo deck watches this balance with interest, looking for an opportunity to combo off and … Read more

MTG’s Best Blue Tutors for Commander

Intuition MTG card

In a singleton format like Commander, where you’re only allowed to play 1 copy of any card that isn’t a basic land instead of 4, you’re often forced to look for alternate means of redundancy when tuning your deck to help it run more consistently. Periodically, you’ll be able to run 2 functionally identical cards … Read more

Sushi Go Party Game Strategy Guide

Sushi Go Party! board game

Variable menus, new types of cards, and familiar card drafting come together to make Sushi Go Party! an enticing upgrade to the standard Sushi Go! tin. While the base Sushi Go! game is great (check it out on Board Game Arena if you haven’t treated yourself yet), the party edition adds layers of depth and … Read more

Healing Word 5E: DnD Spell Guide

Healing Word

Darkness fell on the druids’ grove, and the orcs attacked soon after. Skirmishes were intense, with shapeshifters and beast masters fighting tooth and claw to hold every inch of the sacred area they had called home for so long. The elder was seemingly waging three battles at once with her magic, giving her allies the … Read more

Cure Wounds 5E: DnD Spell Guide

Cure wounds spell effect

The battle had only lasted a couple minutes, but the bodies around the barbarian were only outnumbered by the cuts, bruises, and other wounds scattered across his body. As the fury of battle faded, the pain of these injuries replaced it, and the wounded warrior began to stagger back to his companions for aid. Looking … Read more

Mage Armor 5E: DnD Spell Guide

Sorcerer casting Mage Armor

A wizard is fishing through their spell component pouch in preparation for their next spell when they hear shouts of alarm from ahead. The hobgoblin captain leading an assault against the local village has broken through the front lines, charging straight at the spellcaster who has been wreaking havoc on its minions. Raising its sword, … Read more