Table for Two #32: Bunny Kingdom

Two gamers over bunny kingdom

This week’s episode is a treat! After a really fun short episode playing Tenzi last week, this week brings a quality long form game. Bunny Kingdom is a fantastic game that combines cute bunnies, fantastic art, and tough strategy in one awesome unique package. I absolutely love this game and it’s an absolute delight to … Read more

Table for Two #31: Tenzi

Tenzi boardgame players

“And we have a dice game for you,” Phil states as Heather immediately gets a deer in the headlights look at that declaration. Which anyone who has played Phil in dice game knows is the 100% appropriate response, lol. This short but sweet episode is about a great little game that is action packed, goes … Read more

What Happens When You Die in Munchkin?

Munchkin boardgame pieces

There’s some confusion among many gamers about what exactly happens when you die while playing Munchkin. This is understandable, because admittedly the situation can be a little bit convoluted. The earliest iteration of the rules also weren’t the clearest and most well explained. The fact they were very detailed and precise then added to the … Read more

When Is It Illegal to Castle in Chess (Picture Guide)?

brownie shane playing chess

One of the early “accomplishment points” in chess is once you fully understand when you can, and can’t, castle with your king in chess. We were all pure beginners at some point, and learning the more intricate movements of chess, when you can use them, and when you can’t, is a major part of the … Read more