Is Chess a Solved Game?

two chess kings conceding

The idea that chess is a “solvable” game was odd to me the first time I heard it. While I’m far from a grandmaster, I’ve always been an avid chess player. Helped create a chess club at my high school 25 years ago that still exists to this day, and was one of the better … Read more

How to Win Pandemic the Board Game

pandemic board game

Pandemic is one of those board games that has no problem with throwing a major challenge at the group. Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose. Because this is a really, really hard game with an incredible replay value as you and your fellow players race to stop a global catastrophe. No matter … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Pandemic Legacy Red & Blue?

pandemic legacy blue pandemic legacy red

If you’re a fan of cooperative boardgames in general, or Pandemic in particular, then chances are you were as excited as we were when it was initially announced that there would be sequels, spin-offs, and then a version that plays like a tabletop RPG campaign. That last one was especially exciting, and then the release … Read more