Project L Board Game Review and Strategy Guide

Project L Master Box

Project L is a board game I found out about initially from fellow Meeple Phil a couple years ago. He touted it as a lightweight engine building puzzle game, and I have to admit, what he showed off was very appealing to me. One of my favorite elementary school activities was playing with different types …

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Scotland Yard Board Game Rules And Strategy Guide

Scotland Yard board game thumbnail

The dastardly Mr. X has struck again! Fortunately, his getaway wasn’t clean, so the detectives of Scotland Yard have a chance to catch and apprehend him before he gets out of central London! This crack team of up to 5 players must have their 5 detective meeples work together to navigate the winding taxi, bus, …

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Axe-A-Lot-L Rules and Review – Chop Those Limbs!

Axe-A-Lot-L card game thumbnail

Tim Buckley’s Ctrl + Alt + Del webcomic is probably the longest running webcomic I follow, and I’ve spent the last 15+ years checking in on a growing cast of characters and storylines every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. So when I heard he was developing a card game featuring axolotls and axes, I was …

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CuBirds Rules And Strategies For Assembling The Perfect Flock

Cubirds card game

Board gaming during the pandemic was a very nontraditional experience for enthusiasts like the Assorted Meeples. With in-person gaming being out of the question, Board Game Arena became the primary way for us to experience our favorite games and make new discoveries. One such discovery that made its way to our shelves as things returned …

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Cindr Board Game Rules For Dating Dreamboat Dragons

Cindr board game thumbnail

Tired of the bar scene? Looking for more excitement in your romantic life? Ready to give up on dating apps? Then you’re a perfect candidate for Cindr! Simply cast this cantrip app on any enchanted item, and you’ll open THE premier portal for the dragon dating scene! Or you know, just buy the card game. …

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Blokus Board Game Rules and Strategy Guide


Have you ever wanted to make Tetris into a more competitive board game where you and 3 of your closest friends duke it out to see who’s the best at arranging shapes? Except your pieces can’t directly touch your other pieces. But they must touch corners with at least one of your other pieces. Oh, …

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