Giant Spiders 5E: Your Complete Creepy Crawlie Guide

Giant Spider in Foggy Shadows

Not every great encounter starts with The Monster Manual. There are some amazing potential encounters from the enemies, creatures, and interesting things found right at the back of The Player’s Handbook. Being the curious type who loves diving into fictional worlds, I didn’t ignore the appendixes at the back but dove in to find some … Read more

How Do Hit Dice Work 5E Dungeons & Dragons

DnD Dice 5E Hit Dice

As the rest of the party chooses to look away, the useful warlock mutters incantations to her patron to refresh her spells, infusing her body with the Eldritch powers that would allow her to cast spells after even the shortest of rests. However, she is not the only one taking advantage of the brief respite … Read more

When Do You Get Feats in 5E DnD?

5e feat leveling up character

While feats are considered an optional rule in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, they’re so commonly used that it would be really, really strange to be in a campaign without them. While sometimes a DM might make a ruling on a broken combination (or just straight out band one trouble making feat in particular) for … Read more

Bane 5E Spell: Your Complete Spell Guide

bard casting bane 5e

I’ll be straight up with this one: bane is one of my favorite spells in all of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Discovered when I played my bard, bane was one of those spells that looked like it could be situationally good, and turned out to be incredibly powerful. The fact it is so much … Read more

5E Feats: Your Complete 5E DnD Feat Guide

feats as tools

Feats are a major part of the 5E Dungeons & Dragons experience. While technically optional rules, pretty much every single DM is going to allow their use. Feats are an incredible way to supercharge your character, add an extra bit of flavor, or even allow for roleplaying and customization options that help to give your … Read more

Telekinetic 5E: DnD Feat Guide

telekinetic brain waves

The wizard contemplates ordering one more drink before turning in for the night when a floating mug of ale hovers in front of him, then gently sits down on the table from an invisible hand. A telekinetic shove punches him in the shoulder. The wizard glares at the bard who laughs in delight at her … Read more

Telepathic 5E: DnD Feat Guide

Telepathic feat DnD

He has four aces you should really fold, the message comes in loud and clear from the telepathic rogue, and the bard puts on a nice little show before folding his hand. The paladin probably wouldn’t approve, but hey, he was fine with cheating when the rogue had him duck an ogre’s club last week, … Read more

War Caster 5E: DnD Feat Guide

war caster wizard

There are some feats that are just always on the short lists of certain builds in D&D. Ranged weapons users will take Sharpshooter, trouble makers will take Fey Touched, and monks who don’t know what they’re doing will take Athlete over Mobile. For some reason. 5E’s War Caster feat is one of the premium feats … Read more