Fighting Initiate 5E: DnD Feat Guide

three armed barbarian fighters

Do you want more fighter with your fighter? Not to steal an amazing line from JoCat but fighter is an outstanding class in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and the Fighting Initiate feat gives players the ability to dive even more deeply into the fighter class. This also opens up the Fighting Styles to other … Read more

5E Piercer Feat: DnD Feat Guide

morning star weapons

The piercer feat is actually a bit more versatile than some of the other similar feats in Tasha’s that focus on a specific damage type based on weapons. While at first glance it’s a bit easy to dismiss this one as seeming a bit underpowered, and for some classes it is a feat that won’t … Read more

Sharpshooter 5E Feat: DnD Feat Guide

female sharpshooter archer warrior

Sharpshooter is a feat that experienced D&D players will be very aware of. Whether they played a ranger who specialized in those long distance shots or you found yourself the victim of a DM using it against you, this is a feat that has a huge impact on any given game. Sharpshooter is not only … Read more

Fey Touched 5E: DnD Feat Guide

fey touched bridge in fey wild

Fey Touched is an intriguing feat that was released with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Adding a wonderful bit of flavor, some intriguing roleplay options, and a versatile set of benefits, early on this feat is definitely one of the potential winners of the new guide to come out of the new group of 5E feats. … Read more

The Best DnD Monsters in 5th Ed (One DM’s Opinion)

Roper 5E

Defining the best monsters in Dungeons & Dragons takes many different forms depending on how you’re looking at them. Are you a DM fed up with your overconfident party’s b.s.? Are you all about the classics with goblins, orcs, and a dragon at the end? Have you played many campaigns and find yourself looking for … Read more

Our Best Homebrew Changes for D&D 5E

homebrew cauldron on fire

Personally I love 5E Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a system that certainly has its flaws, but it’s beginner-friendly, easy to create a game for, and introduced me into world of TTRPG. This not only led to great stories and campaigns but also introduced me to multiple people who became incredibly good friends over the years. … Read more