Dwarven Fortitude 5E Racial Feat Guide

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There are many tropes in Dungeons & Dragons as well as high fantasy, and one of them is that the Dwarves tend to be a very hearty people, so it falls right in line that the racial feat for this group would involve the word “Fortitude.” Dwarven Fortitude is one of the racial feats that … Read more

Drow High Magic 5E Racial Feat Guide

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The Drow are among the most mysterious of the Elves, in large part due to the change of their curse from worshipping Lolth and being mostly found in the Underdark, far from the forests and open ground that most groups of Elves are associated with whether in the Material Plane or the Fey Wild. This … Read more

Dragon Hide 5E Racial Feat Guide

dragonborn monk

Dragon Hide is the second of two 5E feats for Dragonborn introduced in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything for 5th Edition D&D. Like many of the racial feats in this core book, it is strong in flavor and embracing creating a more in-depth immersion into a high fantasy world, but does it hold up on the … Read more

5E Half Feat List & Guide

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The term half feat, sometimes also called a hybrid feat, is a 5th edition feat where a +1 ability stat is granted in addition to another bonus. This is called a half feat because half of it is the normal ability score improvement while the other half are benefits the feat grants. These are found … Read more

Dragon Fear 5E Racial Feat Guide

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While the countenance of dragonborn leaves no question about at least one major part of their ancestry, there is no denying that even a fearsome dragonborn is a long way removed from the fierce winged ancestors who remain either awe-inspiring or truly terrifying forces in certain parts of the world whenever they appear. Dragon Fear … Read more

Bountiful Luck 5E Racial Feat Guide

Halfling Adventuring Party

Halflings have one of the most impressive starting feats of any of the races with their Lucky racial feature which allows them the ability to re-roll every one that’s rolled. Many a player at a D&D table has been saved by the fact that they were a Halfling and thus allowed to re-roll a 1. … Read more

Elven Accuracy 5E Racial Feat Guide

Elf Rogue Fighter

There aren’t many racial feats that get a lot of attention in 5E D&D, but Elven Accuracy is one that has caught the attention of plenty of elf adventurers, and it’s easy to see why. This is one of the stronger racial feats that can be found in Xanathar’s, and really plays to the strength … Read more

5E Racial Feats Guide: Xanathar’s Biggest Secrets

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Racial feats are likely the biggest part of Xanthar’s Guide to Everything that developers were surprised flew under the radar. This was the first addition to feats offered in the Player’s Handbook, and despite this they generally flew under the radar with few players or DMs taking notice. This might have been due in part … Read more