Is Chess a Solved Game?

two chess kings conceding

The idea that chess is a “solvable” game was odd to me the first time I heard it. While I’m far from a grandmaster, I’ve always been an avid chess player. Helped create a chess club at my high school 25 years ago that still exists to this day, and was one of the better … Read more

How to Win Pandemic the Board Game

pandemic board game

Pandemic is one of those board games that has no problem with throwing a major challenge at the group. Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose. Because this is a really, really hard game with an incredible replay value as you and your fellow players race to stop a global catastrophe. No matter … Read more

Is GameFly Worth It?

thinking gamer man

GameFly commercials used to be everywhere. One of the early names in the national video game rental market, GameFly started with the same disc to home method as Netflix before expanding into digital rentals. However, they have since shut down the digital side of things while still offering a pretty solid rental setup on video … Read more

Can My Pets Die in Stardew Valley?

stardew valley attacking dog

One of the major early points of Stardew Valley after moving to your Grandfather’s old farm is the ability to adopt a pet. Whether this is a cat or a dog (and which of the three types of each you get) is something you pick out in the beginning during setup. But it’s so easy … Read more

21 Best Games Like Stardew Valley

stardew valley farm winter

Stardew Valley is one of those games that it’s extremely difficult not to fall in love with. From clearing a completely rundown and overgrown property to slowly creating great fields, learning to craft, building a house, meeting interesting town people (with surprisingly deep and interesting stories), exploring caves, and even taking some time to fish … Read more