DnD 5E Cult Ideas: Building Better Cults and Cultists

lovecraftian nature god summoned

Many tabletop worlds are rife with cults and their troublesome members, causing strife throughout the realm as they move inexorably towards whatever their nefarious goal is. Cultists can get a bad rap as a boring, causing the rolling of eyes from experienced TTRPG players who have dealt with so many campaigns across multiple RPGs that …

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5E Chaos Bolt DnD Spell Guide: Let Your Chaos Flow!

5e chaos bolt picture

Chaos Bolt 5E isn’t a spell for the min-max DnD player who wants everything optimized for DPS however for players who love to play the sorcerer class because of the possibility of wild magic surge, then chaos bolt is the type of sorcerer spell that you will want to add to your list of random …

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5E Halberd: Is It The Ultimate 5E DnD Martial Weapon?

halberd polearm weapons on rack

The halberd has been a favorite weapon of mine for a long time because I’m a history geek and Medieval history is just awesome. I’ve also watched a couple of long-time D&D players use the Halberd as their main carrying weapon with great effectiveness, especially when piling on multiple feats that made its reach devastating …

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Stardew Valley Red Cabbage: Your Year 1 Problem Solved!

stardew valley red cabbage seeds

Stardew Valley red cabbage is a very profitable crop, but it also is much more important than just its sales value. While it might not compete with Stardew Valley’s Starfruit on a pure market value, this crop is important for a variety of reasons not the least of which is it’s the most common tripping …

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