The Best DnD Monsters in 5th Ed (One DM’s Opinion)

Roper 5E

Defining the best monsters in Dungeons & Dragons takes many different forms depending on how you’re looking at them. Are you a DM fed up with your overconfident party’s b.s.? Are you all about the classics with goblins, orcs, and a dragon at the end? Have you played many campaigns and find yourself looking for … Read more

Our Best Homebrew Changes for D&D 5E

homebrew cauldron on fire

Personally I love 5E Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a system that certainly has its flaws, but it’s beginner-friendly, easy to create a game for, and introduced me into world of TTRPG. This not only led to great stories and campaigns but also introduced me to multiple people who became incredibly good friends over the years. … Read more

Linguist 5E: DnD Feat Guide

linguist 5e hello in many languages

Sometimes you have a feat that is heavy for flavor/roleplaying, aids skill monkeys, and while useful still somehow falls into that group of being more for flavor than use despite its usefulness. Linguist is one of those feats that offers some really cool benefits, has wonderful potential for use in roleplaying or for flavor, but … Read more

Elemental Adept 5E: DnD Trait Guide

fire elemental damage

Elemental Adept is an interesting feat. There’s no denying that it sounds cool AF and from a flavor standpoint it can be a ton of fun. You want to make a master of fire, thunder, lightning, fire, or acid? Well do we have a feat for you! From the mechanical standpoint this feat can be … Read more

Tough Feat 5E: DnD Feat Guide

tough guy flexing

Tough is one of those 5E feats that doesn’t get a lot of love, and I get it, but it’s a feat that actually can be quite useful. It’s not flashy or sexy, but it is a feat that is undeniably useful. While plenty of debate still exists around the tough feat, there are times … Read more