Table for Two #48: Azul

Gaming couple playing Azul

Azul is a mosaic tile placement game that relies a lot on recognizing patterns, seeing colors, and being able to get all five colors in a row down in a single round. There’s a lot of strategy involved and yet the gameplay is simple but offers plenty of challenge and competition. If you are really … Read more

Table for Two #47: Age of War

Age of War Game with Gamers

A dice game that brings you into Medieval Japan where you act as a shogun commanding your armies of archers, swordsmen, cavalry, and samurai to conquer the various factions of Japanese warlords. This is a simple game that gives plenty of room to go in-depth with strategy when competing against another player one on one. … Read more

Table for Two #45: King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo with gaming couple

Who doesn’t love it when a series of mega monsters meet for what all mega monsters love: smashing the utter crap out of the city known as Tokyo? King of Tokyo is one of our favorite board games to bust out during game night both on and off camera. While Phil’s dice luck can make … Read more