Halloween DnD One Shot

Hey all! Thanks for stopping by. Since you’re probably watching the stream now, first part starting October 27th on Twitch, let’s keep this short and to the point!

Here’s how we customize the starting characters:

All Players

  • Start at Level 5
  • Maximum hit points based on hit dice
  • Start with Tough Feat for free
  • Choose one additional feat above and beyond what they would otherwise get
  • Start with one magic item common or uncommon (to be approved by DM)
  • 1,000 starting gold for other equipment
  • 1 basic and superior healing potion in addition to other starting gear
  • All players get a bag of holding

These characters are super-charged because being a Halloween one or two shot, they need to be prepared to go through the wringer with a fair chance to live.

With this in mind (and art coming in the future) here are the starting player characters. Their PDF sheet is linked to the character name.

Dice Rolling:

Generally we’re using 5E rules but to speed up the process I’m encouraging the early rolls of d20s and even damage dice that then may or may not be used based on the situation – but gives us quick numbers to move the battle along and mimic the feeling of battle and chaos.

The Hook:

This adventure finds the three old friends and adventurers coming together, putting aside matters at hand to once again up take up arms and their former adventuring ways answering the call of a bizarre letter from and old friend:

The Dwarven Paladin Heart Hammer writes his old friends with a disturbing chaotic letter…

And So It Begins…