Can You Use Stardew Valley Music in YouTube Videos?

Stardew Valley playing flute

Finding great music that you can use for Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and other creative online projects can be a pain – especially for those of us who don’t have any ability, training, or talent to make our own. There are free to use options out there, but many video game fans who have fallen … Read more

How Much Health Can You Have in Terraria?

Terraria Life Crystal

One of the first lessons you learn when playing video games is to keep your health from reaching 0. In games like Super Mario Bros., this means not letting Mario take a hit while he’s small. In RPGs, you can usually see every character’s exact HP total. When a character gets low, you heal them … Read more

Can You Change the Time in Terraria?

Terraria Enchanted Sundial

There’s typically no shortage of things to do when running a new character through a Terraria world. Houses need to be built for NPCs, ore has to be mined to craft equipment so you can start putting bosses in their place, and the world has to be explored in order to prepare for events in … Read more

MTG’s Best Black Board Wipes for Commander

Toxic Deluge MTG card

When playing in a Magic: The Gathering format where decks are typically built around a legendary creature, it isn’t exactly a revelation to point out that you should include the ability to answer said creatures while building your Commander deck. Spot removal, or spells that destroy a single creature, can definitely get the job done … Read more

Dwarven Fortitude 5E Racial Feat Guide

dwarf barbarian pic

There are many tropes in Dungeons & Dragons as well as high fantasy, and one of them is that the Dwarves tend to be a very hearty people, so it falls right in line that the racial feat for this group would involve the word “Fortitude.” Dwarven Fortitude is one of the racial feats that … Read more

How Much Grass Do I Need in Stardew Valley?

stardew valley beach farm grass

While it’s easy to get carried away trying to feed the entire world from your single mega farm, a major part of Stardew Valley is raising animals. Unlike your pets, which you don’t need to feed, animals will need to be fed to keep them happy (though animals in Stardew Valley do not die from … Read more

MTG’s Best Green Board Wipes for Commander

Whirlwind MTG card

Artifacts and enchantments are often the underappreciated heroes of Commander games. Ramping mana, providing utility, and changing the rules of the game to better suit their owners’ needs, it’s easy to forget that removal for these types of cards is as important as removal for dangerous creatures. Sometimes, even more so. When playing against decks … Read more