Great Weapon Master 5E: DnD Feat Guide

viking axman great weapon master

Great weapon master is one of the feats that comes to mind instantly when it comes to building a powerful melee character who can hit. Often mentioned in the same breath as Sharpshooter, both have a popular -5 to hit/+10 damage mechanic that really add some OOMPH to melee attacks in the early game. Great … Read more

How Do You Get Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper?

graveyard keeper cemetery

Ah, blue points. Anyone who plays the game Graveyard Keeper very quickly runs into the wall that is known as “Needing blue points.” Because there is no scientific advancement in the Dark Ages without blue points. It’s a well known fact! Especially among newish to moderate graveyard keepers. They are the most important resource in … Read more

5E Slasher Feat: DnD Feat Guide

Fantasy Swords Woman

The slasher feat is one of a trio of feats that was released with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything that focuses on giving bonuses to weapon type or attack type. This is a way to help further buff martial classes whether they use blunt force, piercing force, or in this case slashing damage weapons. The slasher … Read more

Stardew Valley Fence Guide

Stardew Valley wood stone iron hardwood fences

I find the topic of fences in Stardew Valley interesting because for so long many of my friends who enjoyed this game would look at setting up fences for the animals early, or even getting fencing up for crops or organizational purposes. And for a long time, and I mean hundreds of hours of play … Read more

Fighting Initiate 5E: DnD Feat Guide

three armed barbarian fighters

Do you want more fighter with your fighter? Not to steal an amazing line from JoCat but fighter is an outstanding class in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and the Fighting Initiate feat gives players the ability to dive even more deeply into the fighter class. This also opens up the Fighting Styles to other … Read more

5E Piercer Feat: DnD Feat Guide

morning star weapons

The piercer feat is actually a bit more versatile than some of the other similar feats in Tasha’s that focus on a specific damage type based on weapons. While at first glance it’s a bit easy to dismiss this one as seeming a bit underpowered, and for some classes it is a feat that won’t … Read more