The Best Places to Buy MTG Cards (Singles)

MTG cards on stairs

Once you’re hooked on Magic: The Gathering (MTG), there’s nothing that feels as good as getting new cards. Whether from packs, the local card shop, or in the mail, the anticipation and unexplored strategic possibilities never fail to get me pumped to tune decks and jam some games to test out my changes. These days, … Read more

DnD One Savage Attacker Feat

savaged attacker barbarian

Savage Attacker was a feat that needed some serious buffing from 5th Edition and received just that from the changes made in DnD One. In fact, it’s easy to argue that Savage Attacker was one of the biggest winners in the feat changes and that’s a good thing. This not only drastically improved a feat … Read more

DnD One Magic Initiate Feat Guide

cauldron in magic clearing

The Magic Initiate feat has long been a popular feat among D&D players because it allowed spell casters to gain access to versatile low-level spells and cantrips that they otherwise would never be able to learn. With certain classes, this can create some versatile and interesting caster or partial caster builds The Magic Initiate feat … Read more

DnD One Tavern Brawler Feat Guide

bar fight

The Tavern Brawler feat is one of my favorite feats from a flavor perspective in D&D. While it’s not overly practical in most campaigns from a mechanics standpoint, there’s something about the image of the burly (or wiry) bar fighter whose experiences in getting the best of the burliest of bar fighters naturally led into … Read more

DnD One Lucky Feat Guide

Lucky 4-leaf clover

I was really surprised to see the Lucky Feat as a 1st-Level feat…and in fact I was kind of surprised to see Lucky appear at all. The most broken feat in 5E, the Lucky feat has frequently been banned at many gaming tables including multiple ones that I’ve played at. It’s a cool concept, but … Read more

DnD One Healer Feat Guide

First Aid Healing Kit

The Healer feat was one of my favorites in 5th Edition, and I feel like one of the more underrated feats. This is also an interesting one because this is a feat that was heavily overhauled from the 5th Ed version but it’s not an automatic boost or nerf. It lost some juice but gained … Read more

How to Set Up ALttP Multiworld Randomizer

A Link to the Past Multiworld Randomizer

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (ALttP) is one of the best games released for the SNES, and I’d even argue of the franchise as a whole. Over the last few years, I’ve played through different randomized versions of this classic game, trying everything from basic randomized gameplay to randomized enemies and … Read more