How to Complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley – Your 7 Step Guide

One of the major additions to Stardew Valley 1.5 Update was Ginger Island and the many quests that come along with the new area you can explore once you help Willy repair his boat. One of the common questions this brings up even among experienced players is how to complete the pirates wife quest in Stardew Valley, because it’s not 100% intuitive.

If you have struggled with completing this all the way to the end, as many Stardew players have, just follow this step by step guide that will teach you how to finish the Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley so you can get a very generous reward and continue to explore all the new mysteries that Stardew 1.5 has to offer!

Let’s dive right in!

how to complete the pirates wife quest in stardew valley
A good look at “The Pirate’s Wife” quest in Stardew Valley. Help Birdie find a keepsake of her passed away husband in this heart-warming quest!

How to Complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley

Here is the quick step by step guide to completing the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley to give you the immediate guide to completing this quest quickly.

  1. Give the old photograph given to you by Birdie (“War memento”) of a soldier to Kent, who gives you Gourmet Tomato Salt
  2. Give the Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus (obvious one), who then gives us a Stardew Valley Rose
  3. Give the Stardew Valley Rose to Sandy in the Calico Desert (this is often the hardest one for us players who don’t like using guides without trying to figure it out for ourselves first), who then gives you an advanced TV remote control
  4. Give the advanced TV remote control to George back in Pelican Town, who gives an Arctic Shard in return
  5. The Arctic Shard is magical, so follow that clue and give the Arctic Shard to The Wizard at his Tower, who will then give you the wriggling worm in return
  6. Give the wriggling worm to Willy and in return he will give you the pirate’s locket
  7. Hit Ginger Island when it’s not raining (hardest in the Summer) on the Island, and give it to Birdie, who is so delighted that she gives you multiple golden walnuts and a recipe for fairy dust

These are the 7 steps that you need to follow in order to get through this quest from start to finish. The hardest part is figuring out which gift goes to who. Most of the time it’s really obvious, but the advanced TV control can be easy to forget because let’s face it – George isn’t the most likeable or memorable NPC in the game, and the Rose took me a while, too, as I also went through the obvious attempts with Leah, Emily, and Hailey first before eventually figuring it out.

The good news: you can’t give away any of these unique items to another NPC. They will make some comment like “That looks really special, but I think you should save it for someone else.”

stardew valley Emily refusing rose
And if you talk to the right NPC, they might actually give you a clue as to who you should take the item to.

There is no major challenge to this quest once you match up each item with the NPC that it goes to. It’s just going through the whole process and most players will have no problem getting all these done in two days, especially with coffee.

To give you the brief rundown again:

  • War memento to Kent
  • Gourmet tomato salt to Gus
  • Stardew Valley Rose to Sandy
  • Advanced TV Remote Control to George
  • Arctic shard to The Wizard
  • Wiggling worm to Willy
  • Pirate’s locket to Birdie

That is all you need in order to fully know how to complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley. There is no time limit so you can do this at your own pace in-game and not worry about it.

So no worries! Even if your first go at this was a bit frustrating, with this information you don’t have to worry but you can speedrun this quest without a worry – and collect all those golden walnuts along with a recipe that you might find useful even in the late game.

How to Complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley Video Guide

Good video guide for completing Birdie’s Quest that will give you a visual guide on how to finish this Ginger Island quest in Stardew Valley!

How to Complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley: Concluding Thoughts

The Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley basically comes down to a series of gift quests, starting a long chain by starting with Kent – who is an obvious recipient for the initial item, a war memento of an old photograph of a soldier, and continuing with exchanging a return gift to another villager for a new item until you finally get what you need to re-visit Birdie and bring her peace.

This is one of those quests that is a bit of fun, helps you re-connect with some NPCs you may not have talked to in a while, and then continue on building up your perfect farm in the new Stardew Valley.

That’s it! Now you know how to complete the Pirates Wife Quest in Stardew Valley.

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