How To Farm Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley: Your Full Dust Sprite Guide

Farming Dust Sprites is a fantastic way to get coal in the early game of Stardew Valley, and coal is a very precious commodity to keep fueling your furnaces and keeping you crafting. But plenty of players wonder how to farm dust sprites in Stardew Valley in the most efficient way possible.

The best way to farm dust sprites in Stardew Valley is to head to the mine and use the elevator to go to floors 45-75. Sprint through these frozen floors in the mine killing any groups of dust sprites you find, go back to the entrance via elevator, and then repeat.

How to Farm Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley

The floors reset every time you use the elevator which means you can go straight to floor 45, jump to 50, then back to 45 if you’re feeling lucky. Keep rotating through the elevator floors since this allows you to scout a lot of frozen floors and gives you a chance each new time you show up for more to spawn.

It’s easy to defeat dust sprites and they can drop some pretty good stuff aside from the always useful coal. Let’s dive into the best way to take advantage of these enemies whether you’re looking to harvest them for their drops or trying to meet the monster eradication goal of 500 dust sprites from the Adventurer’s Guild.

Let’s dive in!

how to farm dust sprites in stardew valley pic
Targets acquired – I’m envisioning some solid drops from that pack of dust sprites on floor 66!

Are Dust Sprites and Dust Spirits The Same Thing in Stardew Valley?

Ah, you must have been astute enough to notice that Clint didn’t ask you for Dust Sprites on the Community Center board, but asked you to harvest Dust Spirits. Let’s get this out of the way before diving further into things: they are the same thing.

This is likely leftover dialogue from an earlier form of the game when Concerned Ape was still developing Stardew Valley. Some enterprising individuals figured out that in the Stardew valley code the file containing this enemy’s code is labeled “Dust Spirits,” meaning the name likely changed at some point.

So don’t panic or be confused when there’s a Clint mission to “Harvest Dust Spirits” in Stardew Valley’s mines. Just read that as dust sprites and you will find everything works as it should. So do the mission, then head to Clint’s for your reward and you’ll be fine!

How to Farm Dust Sprites for Coal in Stardew Valley

The only place to find dust sprites in Pelican Town is in the mines north of town – specifically on floors 41-79. This is part of what makes getting through these floors quickly so important, because you’ll encounter groups of dust sprites on these floors, and once you open up every elevator level in the cold levels you can quick search for them on those cold elevator floors. They are a great source of coal, and the best way early game to farm coal as you are trying to get your furnaces rolled up.

Dust sprites are small purple/black enemies that look like spikey little voids and tend to chirp. The base enemy isn’t much to worry about as it’s easy to kill sprites but  because they may bounce around, they can sometimes close the gap and get inside a player’s weapon swing, causing a lot of damage.

If you stay on top of this, you should be alright.

Once you’ve hit level 80, you’ve unlocked every floor where these can be found in the mines, which makes it easy for you to jump from floor to floor on the levels of the mines where they spawn, making it easier to get a bunch in a relatively short time.

stardew valley dust sprites attacking
These bouncy monsters aren’t a threat, but they will offer some great drops!

Everything You Need to Know About Dust Sprites

As long as you’re on the right floors, you’ll find these enemies frequently throughout the floors. They tend to bounce in place in groups until you get close enough for them to spot you. They don’t have many hit points, with only 40, and do a base damage of 6 which means they’re generally just not that dangerous.

They also have some pretty incredible drops, especially for the early game. Dust sprite drops include:

  • Coal (50% chance)
  • Coffee Bean
  • Crystal Fruit
  • Dwarf Scroll 2 AND Dwarf Scroll 4
  • Frozen Tear
  • Gold Bar
  • Diamond (after reaching the bottom of the mines)
  • Prismatic Shard (after reaching the bottom of the mines)

The amount of coal you can farm with a 50/50 chance at a drop is pretty substantial, especially in the early game, not to mention multiple potential artifacts, and an early gold bar is great for quality sprinkler crafting.

Completing the monster eradication goal when you slay 500 of these enemies inside the mines gets you the Burglar’s Ring, which increases the chances that monsters drop loot…and makes looting swarms of dust sprites for coal even more profitable.

That’s it! Now that you know the floors to find the bouncy dust sprites in and the best way to farm coal from them you should have no problem making these guys work for you!

Fun Trivia: These enemies might be inspired by cultural references, specifically soot sprites, as fans of the movies Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli could have told you.

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