Stardew Valley Rabbit’s Foot Guide

Increasing luck is a great way to really boost your success in Stardew Valley whether you’re competing for a min-max goal of some type or just looking to have more really good days down in the mines. While this is normally done through food like Spicy Eel or a Lucky Lunch, some new players are curious if a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot can help with that.

The three ways to get a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley are from raising rabbits with a high friendship in your coop, killing a serpent in Skull Cavern, or buying it from the Traveling Cart.

Despite the name, carrying around a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley actually isn’t a great way to boost your luck in the game – although there is one particular situation where that Rabbit’s Foot is arguably the luckiest item in the game.

Let’s dive into everything there is to know about that very popular Lucky Rabbit’s Foot!

stardew valley lucky rabbit's foot
The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot – an uncommon cool item in Stardew Valley.

All About Stardew Valley’s Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

The Rabbit’s Foot counts as an animal product and your rabbits in your chicken coop will drop a rabbit’s foot every so often based on their mood, the level of hearts/friendship they have, and daily luck. Unlike other animal products, the rabbit’s foot is not set on a regular schedule. There is always a degree of chance to when these drop.

Also not sure how a rabbit drops a rabbit foot while keeping all it’s own but you know what, let’s not look too closely at that one.

That Rabbit’s Foot is generally a great gift, can be used to fill the Enchanter’s Bundle in the Community Center, and is worth a decent amount of money. It’s a cool little item that while not rare like the Stone Owl Statue or Alien Vat it still remains one of those items that’s a delight to see when it pops up because even a full coop full of happy rabbits doesn’t guarantee one of these gets dropped on any given day.

Stardew Valley Rabbit’s Foot Overview

Some basic stats and uses on the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley as of the most recent update, starting with a selling table for the Rabbit’s Foot:

QualityBase PricesPrices with Rancher Perk (+20%)
All the selling prices for every Rabbit’s Foot you can get in Stardew.

As for uses, the Rabbit’s Foot is a great gift more most NPCs (see below for more info), is a required item for the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board of the Community Center, and it can be used in Tailoring either to create a yellow dye (a bit expensive choice to do so) or it makes a cool little shirt that has the “bunny shape.”

There’s also the fact that a Rabbit’s Foot is used to help solve the puzzle that comes from Stardew Valley Secret Note #20, so you’ll want to make sure to have at least one lying around at some point.

How Do I Get a Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley?

The only three ways to get a Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley are:

  • From raising rabbits in your coop who have multiple hearts of friendship and are happy – at random days they will drop a Rabbit’s Foot as opposed to Wool. The higher their heart/friendship level and the luckier the day, the more likely it is to happen but this is random RNG.
  • You can occasionally buy it from the Travelling Cart
  • Sometimes when you kill a Serpent in Skull Cavern it will drop a Rabbit’s Foot as reward loot

At this time these are the only three ways to acquire a Rabbit’s Foot in the game.

Does the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot Make A Good Gift in Stardew Valley?

The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot makes an excellent gift in Stardew Valley, for the most part. Every single NPC loves this gift with one exception: Penny.

Penny hates this gift, which I suppose makes sense considering this soft-hearted soul. But everyone else in the game? They love it.

That makes the Rabbit’s Foot one of the best gifts in the game overall.

Does the Rabbit’s Foot Give Luck in Stardew Valley?

Despite the description of the Rabbit’s Foot in-game and the tradition of “The lucky rabbit’s foot,” this item actually does not affect your luck at all.

This has been tested several times and been looked at by fans who even dove into the code and at no point is the rabbit’s foot designed to have any effect whatsoever.

This is an interesting choice, however, there is one very notable exception (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!).

Stardew’s Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: Lucky Only in Niche Situations

Unless you’re a serial dater in Stardew, the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot isn’t going to do a lot. Despite the name it doesn’t actually affect your luck like certain meals, but there is one situation where it is a necessity to get your trouble making character out of trouble.

The (In)Famous 10 Heart Group Scene

If you don’t know what the infamous 10-Heart Group Scene is, don’t feel bad. This is a scene where to trigger it you must have:

  • Gotten every single friendship up to 8 hearts with all bachelors or all bachelorettes in the game so you can give them the bouquet to indicate you’re now dating
  • Give all of them a bouquet and get all of them up to 10 hearts of friendship
  • Stay unmarried
  • Enter Hailey and Emily’s house for the bachelorettes or the Stardrop Saloon for the bachelors
  • The cut scene will take place…and your answers will not matter – BUSTED!

It takes a very “special” type of player to think this way and get themselves into enough trouble to trigger this cut scene. So with that in mind, here’s Dangerously Funny (DF) causing havoc and getting the scene:

However, things are different if you’re carrying a Rabbit’s foot in your inventory! This is the one case in the game where you get lucky, because if you are carrying a rabbit’s foot then instead of them talking about relationships and realizing you’re two-timing everyone, they end up gossiping about Lewis’s and Marnie’s “secret” relationship.

No secrets in a small town.

All There Is to The Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley

That’s all there is to know about Stardew Valley’s Rabbit’s Foot. And as tempting as it is to call it a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot because that’s just the descriptor all of us are used to, in the game itself it’s just “Rabbit’s Foot” and doesn’t have any effect on luck with the exception of that one group event we talked about earlier.

However, it’s a cool little item that has its uses in the game, and picking up a few along the way is never a bad idea to make sure those specific areas of the game go smoothly.

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