How Do I Unlock the Last Air Balloon Location in Littlewood?

Littlewood is a delightful game that really was overshadowed by the release of Animal Crossings: New Horizons, and that really is a shame. Because anyone who has played it will tell you that it really is a delightful game combining classic cute pixel art with interesting characters, fantastic town building, and a very Stardew Valley-esque vibe that makes it a true gem.

While the development of the town is shaped by how you want things to be, and there is usually no right or wrong way to go about things, there is one particular task that vexes many of us: just how do you unlock the final hot air balloon location?

You unlock the last Hot Air Balloon location in Littlewood by donating 24 books to the library. Books are recovered as the 3rd gift from each random travelers in-game. This requires 3 meetings with each of 8 wandering travelers then talk to the head librarian. This is the only balloon location that can’t be opened from upgrading the balloon platform.

The problem is if you just wander around looking for travelers like I did in the beginning, you may find yourself wandering for dozens of hours and not getting remotely close to the number of gifts needed to recover all 24 Great Library books.

Upgraded Balloon Platform Littlewood
Alright, ready to go!

Fortunately finding the travelers actually isn’t just randomness dictated by the RNG gods. By knowing how travelers work, you will be able to hone in on what exactly you need to do to make sure the travelers run across you during your journey for all those missing tomes of knowledge.

Finishing Off the Balloon Platform: The Librarians’ Chore

While Littlewood is so delightful as a game that somehow this normally frustrating feeling actually didn’t frustrate me all that much at all (game is way too relaxing for those types of feelings), I wanted to know what the last location was. I wanted to complete healing the world.

I have an OCD squirrel brain for these things – I needed to finish the game and seeing an off limits location after fully upgrading the platform just felt bad.

Littlewood mystery location
Fully upgraded? You lied to me!

So the short answer is this: get all 3 gifts from ALL 24 travelers. The problem is, they each have conditions that cause them to appear for the first, second, and third gifts, respectively.

The Littlewood Fandom Wiki on Travelers is the best source for all the information you need on travelers.

If you don’t feel like bookmarking yet another wiki, here’s the short list of everything that needs to be done:

Items Needing to Be Sold at the Market

  • 150 Weeds
  • 25 Dust
  • 15 Fire Carp
  • 15 Plum Loach (fish)
  • 15 Monarch (insect)
  • 15 Nightwing
  • 15 Swallowtail
  • 15 Crescent Moon fruit
  • 15 Ghost fruit
  • 15 Goldenbell
  • 15 Corn
  • 15 Bloccoli
  • 15 Kacoomba
  • 15 Onion
  • 15 Papayapa
  • 15 Meteorite
  • 10 Slimeapple
  • 10 Cod
  • 10 Gobblenook
  • 10 Spikey Barb
  • 10 Minnow
  • 10 Fancy Brick
  • 10 Perfect Brick
  • 10 Perfect Plank
  • 10 Plain Brick
  • 10 Wooden Plank
  • 10 Fancy Plank
  • 10 Perfect Plank
  • 10 Flutterfly
  • 10 Carrots
  • 5 Eggs
  • 5 Fleece
  • 5 Milk
  • 5 Shroom
  • 5 Sky Rocks
  • 5 Tree Sap
  • 5 Dragonwasp
  • 3 Cavenr Wart
  • 3 Chimaera
  • 3 Nature Ribbon
  • 3 Soul Ribbon
  • 3 Kaiser Insects
  • 3 Glasswing Insects
  • 3 Elder Dragonwasp
  • 3 Gemfish
  • 3 Rootbug
  • 3 Mystical Tarpon
  • 3 Old Leaf
  • 3 Pink Wickid
  • 3 Blue tootsie
  • 3 Pink Lollypop
  • 3 Purple Floof
  • 3 Purple Tootsie
  • 3 Silver Poppy
  • 3 Shiny Shell
  • 3 Sea Star
  • 3 Twig
  • 3 Black Pearl
  • 3 Light Fairy
  • 3 Wicked Fairy
  • Acorn
  • Dragon Fossil
  • Golden Egg
  • Golden Fleece
  • Golden Frog
  • Golden Milk
  • Golden Shroom

Once you have sold all of those in the market, you will have unlocked the ability for every single traveler in Littlewood that gives gifts based on what is sold in the marketplace. Transition must go in order for the individual visitors, i.e. the trigger for the first visit must be set off before the trigger for the second or third visit can be kicked off.

traveler Littlewood video game
Oh, it’s Woz the Traveler. How nice!

Non-Market Related Travelers

Then there are the six travelers who are not connected to the marketplace, and generally won’t be found in Littlewood. You have to find them out in the world, in either the Dust Cavern (DC) or the Endless Forest (EF).

  • Asher (DC)
  • Hadrian (DC)
  • Pokidoki (EF)
  • Raven (DC)
  • Robin (EF)
  • Tara (EF)

These travelers you will simply run into at these locations. All requirements must be met in order to run into any single one of these characters but just because all conditions are met does not guarantee they will show up. For these six at least, RNG and chance does actually play a part in finding each of these characters three times to receive your gifts.

But Littlewood does a great job of being forgiving with the randomness and helping you progress with relatively few issues.

Missing library books littlewood
Terminator Voice: I’ll Be Back!

Traveler Limitations in Littlewood

You will not find two travelers in the same day. That means if you find one in your town in the morning, don’t search the Endless Forest or Dust Cavern looking for another traveler. They won’t be there.

If you see a traveler in the morning, then you mine as well do whatever activity makes the most sense for your game. Because finding another traveler just won’t be in the cards!

Same goes in the other direction, though most of us don’t go running off to the balloon before bothering to check and see who is in town. But hey, you do you 🙂

In Conclusion

The good news is you can sell plenty in a fully upgraded marketplace, especially if you’re selling 3 at a time. There’s plenty to do, so it doesn’t feel like a grind spread out over two years of in-game gameplay. And you can easily get tons of enjoyment still building and doing your thing.

While it is annoying for many of us to work so hard to fully upgrade the balloon platform just to find out there is one location that was still off-limits, and no in-game clues to figure out what needs to be done unless you’re REALLY Sherlock Holmes-level good at putting 2+2 together, then in all likelihood you had to find an article like this one.

Which I wrote because for a long time if you went to Google…you actually couldn’t find the answer. Frustrating, right?

Follow this guide, use the Wiki for reference if you’re confused about a specific point, and enjoy this wonderfully relaxing and addictive little game…now with that final annoying location unlocked 🙂

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