Where Can You Find Every Stardrop Fruit in Stardew Valley?

For all the different conversations Phil and I have had about how we like to play Stardew Valley, we haven’t discussed the all important and all-mighty Stardrop Fruit much at all. Part of the reason for this is simple: it’s so valuable and game changing that everyone who has played SV for any amount of time understands getting these is an important part of the game.

There are 7 Stardrops you can find in the game as of the 1.5 update. Some are relatively easy (though all of them take time to get) to get, others are…so insanely difficult less than 1% of all Stardew players have done it.

You start with 270 energy as a novice farmer and a Stardrop gives you 34 permanent additional hit points. That means the first one is a 12.6% increase and that definitely is not nothing.

You are constantly running out of energy in the early game. Any experienced Stardew Valley player will tell you Stardrops are life…followed by sprinklers and an endless supply of coffee.

Whether you’re a beginning player who wants to desperately know how to get even more energy, or an experienced player who knows you’re forgetting something important and refuses to use the Wiki (guilty as charged), here’s your full guide on getting every Stardrop Fruit in the game Stardew Valley.

Every Stardrop Fruit in Stardew Valley Step by Step Guide – with Pictures

We’re going to do our best to list these from easiest/fastest to get to hardest/takes the most time. After all energy is a precious resource so the sooner you can get your first, then second, then third Stardrop the faster you can become an endless well of Superman-like energy as you farm, fish, fight, forage, and do all those other things I can’t figure out how to alliterate with that list 🙂

Energy is the crucial resource to run about in this game and the more you have the more you can do.

Your Quick Stardrop Fruit Cheat List

  • Treasure chest in Level 100 of the mines
  • Bought at the Stardew Valley Fair in Autumn for 2,000 Stars
  • Buy one from Krobus in the Sewers for 20,000 GP
  • Feed a Sweet Gem Berry to the Old Master Cannoli stone statue in the Secret Woods
  • Marry and then get your spouse up to 12.5 hearts
  • Achieve the Master Angler achievement and then you’ll receive one the next day in the mail from Willy
  • Achieve the Complete Collection Achievement and you’ll receive one from the Archaeologist

This is roughly in order of when they will become available for the average player or playthrough. Depending on your style of game, if you min-max or focus in one direction, these can switch up a bit.

But in general this is the order most players will run into them with possibly a couple swapped around (like the super difficult Master Angler vs. Complete Collection or any of the first three).

The Easy Pickings Stardrop Fruits

Easy is a relative term, but there are definitely some Stardrop fruits that every player should be able to reach in year one without any issues. Just by playing the game, you’ll run into these doing the things you want to do throughout the game anyway.

#1: Level 100 of the Mines

Stardrop Location: In the treasure chest found at Level 100 of the mines.

While this takes more effort than a couple of the others in the easy section, there is a reason why this is still top on the list. Because you need ore to upgrade tools, create items, and advance in the game, you’re going to be hitting the mines in any game you play.

While Level 100 is a bit of a challenge, you can bum rush this goal into early to mid summer with a few rainy days and natural game progression while still running your farm. If you wanted to specifically min-max mine work you might even be able to get there slightly sooner. Though at great cost to your year one progression 🙂

The treasure chest on level 100 doesn’t represent the end of the mine (you have 20 more floors to go) but it is a Stardrop and one of the earliest that is available to you. If you get a lucky file and a lot of early rain days maybe consider putting off the fishing a bit to deep dive those mines!

Pro Tip: The Stardrop refreshes your energy when you eat it. So if you get there late like 11:40 or midnight, leave the floor (there’s an elevator), go home, run a full day of tasks the next day, THEN go grab the Stardrop. Then you can power through those lower mine levels to double up on that super productive day!

#2: Buy It at the Stardew Valley Fair (Autumn Town Event)

Stardrop Location: The Vendor that allows you to trade star tokens for prizes. The Stardrop costs 2,000 star tokens.

Technically the easiest, the reason it’s under the mines is because in all likelihood this will take place after you have already achieved reaching floor 100 in the old mines.

You get a big boost if you win the grange display (1,000 stars), embarrass the Mayor via displaying his purple undershorts (at severe penalty to friendship with the mayor) for 750 stars, or placing 2nd or 3rd in the Grange stick gets you some stars. Then just use the well documented wheel trick to get the rest that you need.

If you’ve been saving your absolute best produce, minerals, and have animal products/artisan goods then it’s not hard to win. It’s doubly easy to make at least second place.

Get your 2,000 stars then go to the shop to cash in.

fall stardew valley fair
Whoa, we’re half way there! Whoa-oh_____________.

This is an easy one to pick up, though since it happens at a set festival you have to wait until the end of fall to get a chance to acquire it.

#3: Buy One from Krobus for 20,000 GP

Stardrop Location: Krobus the Shadow Person/Merchant has one on sale in the sewers.

This is one is relatively easy though it will take time. It’s also the reason you should be carrying around your hoe everywhere to dig up worms for artifacts and making sure the first copy of every gem (except the Prismatic Shard – ALWAYS get the Galaxy Sword with the first prismatic shard you find) goes to Gunther at the Library/Museum.

When you hit 60 items donated, Gunther will visit you the next morning when you leave your house.

The end result of this 6 a.m. cut scene is you get the Rusty Key. This unlocks the sewers, which can be entered from town or from the drainage pipe at the bottom of the wilderness.

Once in the sewers it’s pretty straight forward. Find the shadow man who seems surprised to meet you. Talk to him enough times and a group of items comes up for sale, including a precious, precious Stardrop.

So your steps are:

  • Donate 60 items to the Museum (usually done by late summer or early to mid-fall)
  • Receive rusty key from Gunther the next morning
  • Unlock the sewer to meet Krobus
  • Talk to Krobus three times to unlock his shop
  • Spend 20,000 GP on his one Stardrop
Krobus rare goods store stardew valley
Worth every single gold piece!!!

The Mid-Tier Stardrop Fruits

Depending on how you play, these could easily be put in the first section. These are also what you might consider “Eventually” stardrops. If you play long enough you will almost certainly get to the point where you get both of these.

However, early game they tend to be more out of reach than the Stardrops that are in the first section of this list. A little bit of smart playing and good foraging, mining, fishing, and farming can help put these within relatively easy reach by the end of year one or very early year two.

#4: Feed a Sweet Gem Berry to Old Master Cannoli

Stardrop Location: The Statue at the end of the Secret Woods north of the Wizard’s Tower

master cannoli statue stardew valley
Here. This is the statue. This is where you will find the next Stardrop Fruit.

This isn’t hard, but it takes multiple steps and at earliest you’re still looking at the tailend of fall before you can get ahold of this one (at the earliest).

You’re going to need your ax upgraded to an iron ax to cut through the downed hardwood logs, at least one rare seed from the Gypsy Caravan (although these lead to super valuable Sweet Gem Berry Fruit so you really should buy as many as you can) that you plant on the first day of fall. Even with Speed Grow it takes the majority of the season to grow.

Then cultivate the fruit, and feed it to the statue.

Some players have reported getting the Stardrop immediately. This has happened to me on at least one playthrough, in another after feeding the statue the berry I had to talk to it again before receiving the Stardrop.

Nothing about this is particularly hard it’s just making sure to take all the proper steps. The two most challenging parts, in my mind, were remembering to plant the rare seeds at the beginning of fall during the rush that comes with a changing season (BIG mistake – but one I made more often than I care to admit), or getting the axe upgraded in time. Considering how important water can, mining pick, and garden hoe upgrades are, it’s easy to overlook the axe upgrade.

But that can catch up to you in this case.

So your steps are:

  • Upgrade your ax to copper (5 copper bars, 2,000 gold)
  • Upgrade your ax again to iron (5 iron bars, 2,000 gold)
  • Cut the log in the upper lefthand corner of the wilderness – north of the Wizard’s Tower and west of where the Gypsy Wagon sets up. This unlocks the Secret Woods for you.
  • Buy at least one rare seed from the Gypsy Wagon BEFORE fall (1,000 gp)
  • Plant the rare seed on one of the first three days of fall. Make sure it’s by a scarecrow – you don’t want to lose this one!
  • At the end of the season when the rare seed matures harvest the Sweet Gem Berry
  • Take the Sweet Gem Berry to the statue of Old Master Cannoli at the back of the Secret Woods
  • Feed the Sweet Gem Berry to the Old Master Cannoli statue
  • Talk to the statue again to receive your Stardrop!

There’s no part of this that is overly difficult but it does take quite a decent amount of gold, some tool upgrades, careful planning to plant the rare seed in fall, and then tying that all together.

If you don’t know what you’re doing on your first playthrough this is an easy one to miss in year one because timing and having the right upgrades matters so much.

#5: Marry & Then Get Your Spouse Up to 12.5 Hearts

Stardrop Location: Make your spouse happy enough, and he/she will have a very special gift one morning.

While hidden, the mechanics of the game actually allow your spouse, after being married, to get more hearts than showed. Two extra “married hearts” would encourage your spouse to give gifts. Then someone figured out if you continued to give until the mechanics of the game had your spouse at 12.5 they’d have a very special gift for you.

No, not that!

I mean, well, yeah, you can end up with kids, but I was talking about the Stardrop fruit.

The next morning after making the 12.5 heart mark you get a morning cut scene with your spouse talking about finding something special. The dialogue might be slightly different depending on the spouse, but the end result is a surprise morning Stardrop Fruit to give you even more energy for the day.

Obviously how quickly you can do this depends on how much you work on the social side of Stardew, and if you figure out which character you mesh with. Some are easier to move down the heart track than others.

This is quite easy to get spring of year two in most playthroughs if you are decently social. For some players who are less inclined to socialize versus optimizing the dream farm it can take until the middle of year two.

There are some costs as you need to buy a bouquet of flowers from Pierre’s and then a Mermaid’s Pendant for actual marriage, but the costs are pretty nominal considering when you need everything. By the time you get anyone to the point to consider marriage 5,000g shouldn’t be that much.

In fact the biggest thing that could get in your way would be that unfortunate game file I had that ended with only three rainy/snowy days through the second week of winter is likely the biggest hurdle. Can’t buy the Mermaid’s Pendant when there’s no precipitation.

If you plan on being super social and putting minimum effort on the farm then this can happen quite a bit faster.

What you need:

  • House upgrade – you don’t need a fully upgraded house but you do need the first upgrade to get a kitchen which costs 10,000g + 450 wood
  • Bouquet of flowers to get into relationship (100g)
  • Repaired the bridge to get to the second part of the beach (300 wood)
  • Mermaid’s pendant to marry boyfriend/girlfriend (5,000g)

The Hardest Stardrop Fruits

The easy and md-tier stardrops are ones that every player should achieve at some point. These last two, it’s hard to say. You can play (checks Steam stats real quick) nearly 900 hours and still not get one or both.

If you get even one of these two stardrops, that is impressive. If you get both…well hats off to you!

#6: Achieve the Master Angler Achievement

Stardrop Location: Willy has been holding out on us. He has the perfect gift…but only for the perfect angler!

So it turns old Old Willy has been holding out on us!

One of the hardest Stardrop fruits to grab is a reward from completing what is one of the most challenging achievements a player can earn playing Stardew Valley. That’s the Master Angler achievement.

This is for catching every single fish in Stardew Valley, including all the legendary fish*.

While not technically impossible to get in one year – unless you abandon all for fishing it’s virtually impossible considering that you’re not catching legendary fish in your first spring. Many fish are weather related, seasonal, and just straight up tough to catch.

Even the non-legendary. Raise your hand if you have a migraine story based around a northern pike that wouldn’t stop fighting, an octopus, or….anger boiling….the mountain lake sturgeon?


But if you manage to become a true master fisherman behind only perhaps Willy himself then the next morning you’ll have a letter from Willy. The letter will include a Stardrop fruit.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When you get a letter with an item, click on the item. If you close the letter without doing that you lose the item, so don’t forget that all-important detail.

Enjoy that stardrop, because this is one that you have definitely earned!

*After the addition of the Night Market this was changed so that fish you can catch via the Deep Sea sub count, but the number of total fish caught wasn’t moved up. So as of this most recent update you need to catch 59 total fish. No information available on whether or not the deep sea fish can replace legendary fish or if you still need to catch 59 fish total including all legendary fish.

#7: Achieve the Complete Collection Achievement

Stardrop Location: The Archaeologist gave you a rusty key leading to Krobus and one Stardrop. Keep going and he will get you a Stardrop directly!

Some would argue this is easier than the Master Angler achievement. I might even tend to be in that group. However, completing the Museum collection means getting multiple items that have a 1 in 100 or worse odds of dropping during the best of conditions…which is almost never for some of these items.

I’ve had play files where I’ve gone 3 years before seeing a Prismatic Shard. The YouTuber DF’s infamous hunt for a Dinosaur Egg may have been at least partially responsible for updates adding dinosaurs as enemies that sometimes drop that loot.

In other words, when you’re down to finding just 2-3 specific items…good freaking luck with the RNG on that one!

This is an achievement that can take a lonnnnngggggg time as a result, so there’s a very good chance it’s the last Stardrop you get unless you just choose to ignore one of the others for some reason.

This is a good start…but not even close to a Stardrop. Not yet, anyway!

Some items are notoriously hard to locate. Even beyond that it’s just finding enough relics to fill out the museum and considering how some of these items have very specific and very limited conditions to even have a chance to spawn BEFORE that 1 in 100 chance of those worms giving you a rare item…and the RIGHT rare item.

Yeah. This is the last one that most players get.

Because at this point you have deep dived not just one but likely TWO mines, opened up the bus route, hoed up thousands of squiggly worms, found every single mineral in the game, AND got lucky after likely multiple years of work on one file.

And avoided throwing that one missing artifact into the sell box while you weren’t paying total attention.

Trust me, you want to avoid doing that. Just….just trust me.

But if you make Pelican Town’s Museum the greatest in all of Stardew Valley, you will get a Stardrop as your reward. A very well deserved one, at that.

YouTuber Dangerously Funny Talking About Stardrop Fruit…in Conventional DF Style

Super Energetic Farmers HULK OUT!

If you have managed to get every single stardrop fruit in Stardew Valley, you should have more energy than you know what to do with. Some of these are actually pretty easy to get. Although some are potentially time consuming.

Then there are those that are insanely hard. Most players end up with 5 on most files. Given enough time playing this makes perfect sense as those last two are the ones that are crazy hard.

If you are one of the truly rare Stardew players who manages to get all 7 the world is your oyster…and you will have all the energy you want to explore the world no matter how big CocernedApe’s continued updates continue to make it!

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