How to Get Gold Plorts Slime Rancher: Wrangling Gold Slimes

Slime Rancher is a wonderfully enjoyable game that gets addictive really fast. It doesn’t take long at all to start collecting pink plorts from those early pink slimes that are everywhere. Before long you’re growing the ranch, but there’s one plort that often remains elusive: the gold one. If you want to upgrade that ranch fast you’ll want to figure out how to get gold plorts.

Players gain gold plorts in Slime Rancher by feeding a golden slime fruit, meat, or vegetables. These must be shot close to the blob, not hit it, and done without being seen. This results in one golden plort. More can drop by using of a gilded ginger or the Golden Sureshot upgrade from the 7Zee Club.

While there’s no way to guarantee a steady stream of the game’s rarest plorts, there are definitely some important steps you can take to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of every single one of these rare opportunities when this hard to find slime actually appears.

One gold plort, right after seeing my first gold slime that wasn’t staring me in the face. That only took 10 hours.

Finding A Gold Slime In Slime Rancher Is Rare (and Random)

The elusive gold slime can appear randomly at any section of the map. In fact, the first one I found in gameplay didn’t happen until hour nine, and it was in the first section open to you without having to pay. See screenshot above from the Slime Rancher game for a space all too familiar to us all.

While unconfirmed from official sources, some code hunters have claimed that the RNG for a gold slime showing up is 1 in 10,000 or a .01% for any time slimes spawn. This seems a reasonable rate base on gameplay. In my personal experience the first one showed up after 9 hours of play, the second after 16 hours of gameplay.

And I explore a LOT so I trigger many more creations of slimes than the average player probably does.

By comparison I’ve found 6 lucky slimes feeding me coins during that same amount of gameplay. Still fairly rare, but three times more common than the gold slime.

The way a gold slime works can be viewed further from here.

The only way to get those valuable plorts gold slimes produce is by not only finding these elusive slimes but being properly prepared when you do. You can’t capture them or farm them, so these gold plorts are going to be a rare commodity in Slime Rancher.

Fortunately, there are a few things you ranchers can do to make sure you take advantage of those rare occurrences!

Getting More Gold Plorts from Gold Slime

There are a couple of ways to get more gold plorts out of every rare encounter with the rare gold slime. This chart shows you every action you can take that results in a gold plort and how many they deliver.

Feed ComboNumber of Gold Plorts Received
Fruit, veggie, or meat1
Golden SureShot w/ fruit, veggie, or meat3
Gilded ginger3
Golden SureShot w/ Gilded Ginger6
Obviously when you can get the 6 gold plorts at once from a slime you don’t pass up on that chance!

Why Are Gold Plorts So Desired By Players?

In a simple word: value. Gold plorts are often the most valuable you can find in the whole game and not only that, but although rare it is technically possible to find them from day one. Many of the other more “conventional” plorts that bring in a good amount of income require unlocking huge sections of the ranch and the larger map first.

Take a look at the screenshot below for a clear case of why the gold plorts are so popular, and worth hunting.

plort marketplace slime rancher

It’s worth over four times the value of the next rarest plorts.

And way, WAY more than the most common and easy to find or create goods for the plort marketplace.

To A Slime Rancher These Plorts Are Very Valuable!

Using the stated game prices above, one single gold plort is worth:

  • Over 54 pink plorts
  • Nearly 26 stone plorts
  • Nearly 26 phosphor plorts
  • 24 Tabby plorts
  • 10 and a half boom plorts
  • 7.5 honey plorts
  • Around 7.5 water plorts

That’s a lot of value from a single plort! If you have the items or upgrades needed to get 3, just multiply all those numbers and realize how insane a value that is. Granted, the plort prices can change based on markets however there’s no question the gold plort is always the rarest and most valuable.

So if you find yourself in the lucky position of seeing a gold slime facing the other way, you want to shoot food around it.

Pro Tip: Be careful not to actually hit the gold slime with food, otherwise it may get

startled and simply disappear…without leaving a gold plort behind!

The SureShot bonus comes available from climbing way up the 7Zee club tree. Gilded Ginger is a very limited crop that can’t be grown which is found on one island once you unlock the right transporter while exploring the range.

The best case scenario is combining the SureShot with a gilded ginger to get a whopping 6 gold plorts at once since these bonuses do stack for players.

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The Slimepedia Is Only Moderately Useful

The in-game Slimepedia gives some information after the first time you run into one but this doesn’t really help at that point as you almost certainly scared off the rare slime critter.

However, the fan wiki can be a great help and unlike Lucky Slimes where you want to freeze upon hearing the special sound you want to chase after these fast slimes and hit them to produce those gold plorts before they fully get away.

How To Find Gold Slimes & Plorts

To some extent RNG is going to have a major roll in how many opportunities you will have to collect gold plorts. Rushing up the 7Zee tree to the Golden Sureshot and keeping gilded ginger on you at all times can help make sure when one of these extremely rare slimes show up, you will be prepared to get 3 rare golden plorts instead of of just one.

Follow the advice here and while you might not be rolling in the gold like Scrooge McDuck, you’ll definitely be getting some nice boosts to your ranching income!

Let the good times (and gold plorts) roll!

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