How Do You Get Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper?

Ah, blue points. Anyone who plays the game Graveyard Keeper very quickly runs into the wall that is known as “Needing blue points.” Because there is no scientific advancement in the Dark Ages without blue points. It’s a well known fact! Especially among newish to moderate graveyard keepers.

They are the most important resource in the game while also being the hardest to find, create, or produce. These points, also referred to accurately as “Science Points,” can seem especially elusive to relatively new players who don’t know which questlines need to be opened to start developing them. Put off a few quests, and you can find yourself frustrated 12 hours later without any sense of making forward progress.

The best ways to maximize your blue points in Graveyard Keeper early game by studying body parts with faith, mid-game by producing advanced glass & stone cemetery decorations, and late game through glass production & buying books from the Astrologer. Eating cake or pie before tasks doubles your blue points earned.

Graveyard Keeper Making Cake
Master Baker = Master Super Brain?

Blue Points = Science Points

If you want to advance down the tech tree, once you get past the very early section you need those hard to get blue points. The good news is that there are ways to focus your efforts to get less of a chokepoint with blue points than you would just flailing around. As a player who loves to discover things himself versus using resources…yeah this was rough in my early playthroughs.

A guide like this could have saved me dozens of hours of stalled progress and the type of long annoying grinding that has turned some people off to this game. Follow this guide to maximize your blue points early and this will make a HUGE difference in your movement for the game, minimizing bottlenecks, and this will allow you to enjoy the game a lot more.

How to Get Blue Points Early Game in Graveyard Keeper

This is when it is absolutely the hardest to get blue points – which sucks for new players because these points are so necessary. You can always get more green points (never in short supply) or red points when you need them. Blue points are necessary for many tech tree advancements, especially mid to late tree in each section.

But in the beginning of the game there are actually much fewer ways to get these crucial science points. Spending them carefully to advance to the right technologies is crucial to give yourself more of your limited options to produce more blue points for research.

First Step: Buy a Couple Cakes or Pies

You do NOT use these for energy. There are a very limited number of foods, with cake and pie being the main two, that give you a temporary blue point boost. That means that ANY blue points you earn from study or doing things that earn blue points from action are doubled, giving you a huge necessary boost through the Tech Tree.

Otherwise that can be one hell of a slog.

Also, find Dig and get him 5 jars of honey because cakes are easy to make and that way you can double your blue points without having to buy pies from Horadic at the bar.

Character Dig in Graveyard Keeper
This guy. Unbelievably this guy is extremely important to your game as Graveyard Keeper. Dig is your friend!

Get the Church Basement Up ASAP

There are a lot of limitations early game, but one of the quickest ways to get those super rare (especially in the beginning of the game) blue points is to get the church basement opened up as soon as possible.

In fact, the church basement is crucial for many different parts of the tech tree and opening up the game itself. If you want faith, you need the church open.

This is because the study desk in the church basement is going to be your most reliable source of blue points and early on, the only affordable one. Eating a cake, then using faith to study body parts first, and gave fences or markers next, gives enough blue points for you to move far enough down the tech trees to open up more options.

Just waiting to be studied… and you even get to keep it for cooking. Did I just say that out loud?

In addition to this, faith is a currency that is needed to study things in the church basement by studying things on the Church Basement Study Table. In the early game, this is where an overwhelming number of your blue points come from, and you need to squeeze it for as much as possible.

How to get the church up ASAP:

  • Talk the the Bishop at the graveyard, he is there every day represented by a full sun
  • He will tell you that the graveyard must get up to a score of 20 before he will open the church
  • Go down the tech tree to unlock wood repair kits and stone repair kits
  • Repair all the run down grave decor
  • Follow Gerry’s advice
  • Do Yorrick’s quest
  • Bury good corpses, throw the bad ones in the river (or cremate them once you can)
  • Race to stone fence and stone gravestone techs
  • Replace all the wood with stone
  • Talk to the Bishop once you’re at a score of 20

Important Note: Before upgrading to a large church make sure you have plenty of money. Once the Bishop tells you you’ll need a building permit (don’t buy it before then – in some games this bugs it) and that cost 20 silver pieces under the citizen sign by the church (you must have already purchased the citizen status for 50 coppers).

Then after the church is upgrade he’ll tell you that you must be a rightful citizen which cost 3 silver pieces. You will need this before you can preach in the new church.

Short non-comprehensive list of items that studying gives blue points from (REMEMBER: Eat your cake first!):

  • Marble grave fence
  • Stone grave fence
  • Stone gravestones or markers
  • Many marble or polished stone pieces
  • Body parts

Once is is up and running there are plenty of things like tools or glass that give some blue points with study along with a bevy of red ones. If you make sure to upgrade multiple routes along the tech tree you will open up more options that will allow you to smelt, craft, write, and otherwise put together blue points for crafting or creating materials you’ll need anyway.

But you only get there with smart early game use of cakes, pies, and the study table.

TL;DR Blue Points Early Game Graveyard Keeper

  • Stock up on pies or cakes before doing any blue point activities
  • Get the church up and collect faith in order to study blue point items in the church basement
  • Do the Bishop’s quest
Graveyard Keeper early Bishop quest
The Cleric’s Beginner’s Guide might be your first blue points…or you can race ahead to start the process advancing your science through the Tech Tree before then 🙂

Getting Blue Points Mid Game in Graveyard Keeper

In mid-game there’s a catch-22. You have more ways to get blue points, and you can get them from crafting certain items, which is great because it lets you create blue points, albeit at a limited rate. However, you’re getting blue points just one or two at a time at that point. It’s a slow climb.

Some items produce more than just blue point when crafted, and this means you can sprint around for an entire day getting things done and come back to some blue points. They really to add up over time.

There are two craftable items that really make a difference when it comes to the blue points.

Advanced Glass from Furnace II

Canonical flasks provide a smidgen of blue points. Advanced canonical glass flasks made from those give more blue points. Only needed for a few things later in the game, my trunks tend to be full of these because producing them in furnace is one of the most sure-fire ways to come back to a slew of red and blue points.

Two of the three types of glass you can produce give blue points. Since basic glass that is the base ingredient only takes sand and water, this is a great way to fire up the furnaces in the morning, go about your day, and then get some precious, precious, blue points at the end of the day.

Graveyard Keeper canonical flasks

Advanced Stone Work / Marble Work

The sooner you can move from wood grave fences and wood markers onto stone (and eventually to marble), the better. This isn’t just because of the extra points that you get to make the graveyard look better and open up the more advanced stages of the church, but because stone grave fences and stone markers give blue points.

Even the most basic of the stone markers and stone fences give blue points and as these go up to levels 2, 3, and 4, and you find marble carvings and statues, some of these provide some serious blue points when crafting.

It’s high energy use, too, but by the mid to late game you should have more food than you know what to do with. Especially if you’ve been baking cakes non-stop.

Between these and the glass, you can manufacture a decent amount of blue points.

Graveyard Keeper blue points stone cross
The higher the level of stone or marble work, the more blue points you will get for each item crafted.

These are important steps for improving the graveyard while providing that sweet, sweet science. Some of the habits that are very accessible mid-game include:

  • Crafting graveyard stone fence
  • Crafting Candles (small amount)
  • Crafting glass at a level 2 furnace
  • Crafting canonical glass at a level 2 furnace
  • Crafting polished stone
  • Crafting polished marble

Rely more on crafting glass and stone as you should have a seemingly endless amount of food to keep it up unlike in the early game. By the time you get to mid game here, this is a viable way to keep producing blue points and it bleeds into some of the advanced strategies depending on

TL;DR Blue Points Mid Game Graveyard Keeper

  • Keep eating pies or cakes before doing any blue point activities (you should be able to cook them now)
  • Make advanced canonical flasks, and the most advanced grave fences, monuments, and marble or stone carving in the day

How To Make Limitless Blue Points Late Game in Graveyard Keeper

There are certain materials that when you make them, create blue points. These are almost always in small amounts, but one by one, bit by bit, you can always make more blue points which is something that does not happen in the early game. Since berries and honey are abundant in late game, you should also be able to make enough pastry dough to create an endless number of cakes for energy – which also have the bonus of increasing the blue points your actions produce.

Late game in Graveyard Keeper you want to buy the Tier 2 blue book AND the Tier 3 blue book from the Astrologer every Moon Day. Those blue points are going to matter to unlock the deeper levels of the tech tree.

There are many different actions that will produce blue points and if you have your army of zombies up mining, chopping wood, and delivering supplies you will have more supplies than you know what to do with. Because of that you have plenty of options, just make sure to build enough chests to store all kinds of supplies and crafted goods.

When it comes to the workshop here are the actions that create a low number of blue points:

  • Polishing stone with the chisel
  • Polishing stone with the stone polish
  • Polishing marble with the chisel
  • Polishing marble with the stone polish
  • Crafting lenses
  • Crafting advanced canonical flasks
  • Crafting hemp rope at the church workbench
  • Crafting candles at the church workbench
  • Building advanced graveyard decorations at the Stone Cutter II upgrade
  • Crafting a steel chisel
  • Crafting steel parts in Furnace III
  • Other advanced stone or marble crafting unlocked by late tech tree technologies
  • Craft injections at the church workbench (this does merge into a late game method)

So this isn’t the fastest way to create blue points, with many crafting solutions only creating one blue point at a time, but mass producing the items you will need can keep creating these extremely important resources that are needed to unlock huge parts of the tech tree.

The blue techpoints gained from these actions will keep you moving down the tech tree and bringing science to your workshop in your continual attempt to find a way to navigate the Medieval magical setting and make your way home.

Don’t Overlook the Astrologer

It can take quite a bit of time before money isn’t an issue, and takes a little bit of focus on farming and cooking to help get that early revenue going, but once you get to the point where money isn’t a problem, make sure you’re in good with the Astrologer. It only takes one or two missions on his quest chart to unlock the Tier 2 and Tier 3 items for sale.

Blue Point Book Astrologer Graveyard Keeper
That’s an easy 75 blue points a week in exchange for 15 silver. If that seems an unbelievable amount of money (as it will for new players in the first couple weeks) look at my income total and realize as you advance, it will be fine 🙂

Those items include books that provide blue points simply from reading them. While these cost a decent amount of coin (we’re talking double digit silvers) – that means every single week you can simply buy two blue point books and get a flood of blue points.

This is consistent so when you’re running down some of those more annoying plot lines or projects, you still have the ability to get a big burst of blue points that helps you move down the tech tree – because even with a lot of advanced options those late tree techs can be ridiculously expensive when it comes to blue points.

Write Prayers and Books

Why write prayers and books when you only need one or two to really make things work? Because although you need to gather notes and paper and faith, crafting prayers or books at Writing Desk I or Writing Desk II in the church basement provides a bevy of blue points and late game this is one of the best ways to get a flood of blue techpoints gained all at once.

So since you’ll be in the basement anyway why not craft some prayers? Even if you’re not going to use them, get the blue points and then sell them to the Bishop!

TL;DR Blue Points Late Game

  • Buy the expensive Blue Point Books from the Astrologer and read them after eating cake or pie for an immediate blue point boost every Moon Day (when you unlock higher levels you can buy more than one blue point book at a time)
  • Mass produce polished marble, stone statues, and other blue high blue point production items
  • Write prayers and books in the Church basement
  • Bite the golden apple when offered from a late game Snake Quest

Blue Points Are the Most Important Resource

While occasionally you may run into a choke point with red points when going on a spending spree, and you always want more faith early game and early mid-game, blue points are by far and away the most important resource in the game. You need these for moving down the tech tree at a relatively early stage in the game and that means it’s really important to get as many as possible and then spend them well.

How to Make Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper Video

Eventually I plan to do a more complete and in-depth video guide showing how to do this, but for now this YouTuber does a really solid job of showing some of the top options for getting blue points throughout the game.

This is also a great channel, so feel free to follow them, as well!

Great Grind This Game Video on Getting Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper

Great video guide for creating blue points in Graveyard Keeper

Can I Find Graveyard Keeper on Xbox?

Yes. While originally focused for PCs versions of Graveyard Keeper were made for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. This means no matter what your preferred console or gaming system you are likely to have no problem picking up a copy of this game.

Graveyard Keeper Blue Points: In Conclusion

Hey more blue points is definitely a good thing in Graveyard Keeper. They are a very hard to acquire resource but they are required for most early game tech tree advances (other than the absolute start) and virtually all middle and late game advances. Including those ultra useful zombie helpers who make this game way less grindy and help your Medieval Capitalist Empire grow.

Follow this guide, keep it bookmarked when you need a little reminder, and enjoy the flood of blue points that will speed your growth along and make this game an explosion of fun options versus a long grind!

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