Table for Two S3E15: Beasts of Balance

Beast of Balance is a game that Heather found and added to the collection and I have zero regrets as is one that is just fun to pull out and play. It is one of the few games that I own that has an app needed to play it. The app for the game is great too as the art in the game just gets better and better as you level up the 3 different regions (Land, Air, and Sea) by adding beasts to them.

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Involved Jenga!

How Beasts of Balance works

On your turn you pick a piece you wish to place on the platform, scan the rfid and then place it on the growing tower of pieces carefully. Each piece is weighted and the game knows which ones are supposed to be on the tower.

If it stays, good job your world expanses and comes to vibrant life.

If it collapses an anger volcano gives you 7 seconds to get it all back together before it explodes and ruins your world.

Each creature you add has its own life that will go up and down depending on the game situation. There are also elements that add or subtract health to creatures as well.

There are battle modes that add a few different things but that is it for the basics of the game.

Final Thoughts

This is a quick game to teach and play, the app is good, the pieces feel amazing and everyone in the family can play. Every time this has hit the table we play till we have to do something else as it is deceptively entertaining as you try to will impossible stacks to remain standing.

Another Heather find that will not be leaving any time soon as it provides the right mix in the evening sometimes when you just want a more tactile game.

Phillip, impressed by his wife and her game picks

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