Table for Two S3E12: Santorini: New York

Phillip waited on this one sadly. Not because he thought that it would be a terrible game but because he wasn’t sure it was different enough from the first game to make the price tag worth it. This is a great revision of a game system to both maintain the feel of the original and improve upon that system at the same time.

Instead of just moving and placing building to climb to the top with only a few special powers picked at the start of the game, you have cards you are playing to give you a different power each turn. A simple solution to create a deeper dynamic in a game that is has simple design and deep strategy.

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Bold statement but need more games to be true.

How to play Santorini: New York

In Santorini: New York you are building out New York at the turn of the century.

Instead of god cards that grant only one power to each player. 4 different workers are set out and give you a power if you play their card that round.

You start with 5 cards and pick one, placed face down until everyone is ready.

When revealed, the highest number gets the Statue of Liberty and can win the game, the lowest number gets to start the round by moving and then building, using the special ability of their worker card as well

You play until one player has climbed to the top of a 3 story building with the Statue of Liberty. There are a couple of other win/lose conditions but they are rare to meet

Thoughts and opinions

This game has the potential to directly replace Santorini as it keeps the feel of it, adds more depth and variability, and can play up to 5 players. The artwork and attention to detail in this game are rock solid since it is from the same team that made the first one.

I can see the bones of the first game fleshed out and given a full life that was only hinted at in the original and given a fitting theme.

Phil, a city building fiend

Check out the full playthrough of Santorini: New York on YouTube.

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