Table for Two S3E17: Drop Mix

Drop Mix is a game that was introduced to us by my (Phillip) brother and gifted to us by Heather’s brother. Either way it came recommended as a good time and it deliver just that. What they set out to do in the game is quite fun and executed incredibly well. It may not get out of the box often but that is more of a problem of our busy life and not indicative of the game itself.

You can get a copy of Drop Mix here while supporting your Meeples.

Drop Mix lets you mix your songs from the cards you have in your hand. This is the other app based game we have in our collection and it will stay for a long time as Heather is a big fan of the game and the music that they licensed for it. Every time that we get it out, I am always intrigued by how the music can and will be twisted and morphed into something you are happy with.

The most honest thumbnail I have created.

How to Play Drop Mix

There are several modes to Drop Mix but I am going to talk about the challenge mode that we play the most.

First pick the mode (Versus in this case), then the number of players, then split the cards evenly between the players. Everyone starts with 5 cards in hand.

All the cards are RFID cards and will be acknowledged by the board and app when placed on it. Each card also has a color/type and a volume level.

A card has to be played to the same color/type on the board with white cards being wild and doing different things. The other part is that the card has to be the same volume level or louder to be played over the previous card in the area.

If you have no cards to play you can press the Drop Mix button and hopefully remove some of your opponent’s higher volume cards so you can play what you have in your hand.

You get points for playing cards down on the board, the first player to 21 wins the game.

Sadly there is no real instruction book, the rules are all on the app.

Final Thoughts

This is a pleasingly chill game that really shines in when you are in the mood for music, or not feeling like murder for the evening of competitive board games. It does what it promises in a very solid way that makes me want to find the extra packs of cards to give more options to the songs that can be played and mixed together.

It is the play of the songs off of each other that really shows the level of devotion and care that went into the development of the game and app that I really enjoy out of the game.

Phillip, rocking out

Phillip and Heather did a full playthrough of Drop Mix on Table for Two on our YouTube channel.

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