Table for Two S3E11: Patchwork

This week is the first time that Table for Two has had a guest on the show. Phillip had his mom sit in as Heather has been gracious enough to play (searches notes quickly) 62 games without a break. Phillip’s mom is not a modern/hobby gamer but like most of her generation, the number of card games she knows with a simple deck of cards requires a small book just to list. I have a lot of fond memories of playing Rummy, Hand and Foot, and Pepper during the holidays with our family.

The other reason that I brought her on the set was because Patchwork is a game about constructing a quilt and my mom quilts. The quilts in the background of the thumbnail are quilts she has made for her grandbabies. I was amazed at how fast she learned the rules and was playing like a pro to keep me on my toes.

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That 15 minute mark!

How to play Patchwork

Patchwork is a 2 player game where you are filling out your quilting frame (player board) with tiles of different shapes of Tetris like pieces. Some of these pieces have buttons on them. At the end of the game your final score is how many buttons you have left over. The most buttons wins the game.

On your turn you have 2 options, the first is move up the time board to the space directly in front of the other player, you collect a button for each space that you moved forward.

The second option is to buy a quilt piece up to 3 places in front of the pawn in the ring of pieces around the time board. To purchase you have to pay cost in buttons and time by paying the buttons from your stash and moving your marker up the time track.

On the time track are two special spaces, one gives you a 1×1 square that fits nicely in little gaps larger pieces created, and the other is a button that gains you income based on the number of buttons on your quilt.

The player who is behind takes turns till they are in front of the other player, then it is your opponents turn.

At the end of the game each button is worth a point and each space left open on the board is a -2 points. High score wins

Final Thoughts

Patchwork is a great puzzle that you are trying to put together better then your opponent. This is a light game that leaves you satisfied and frustrated at the same moment as you figured it out to the best of your ability but can still see ways that you could have improved your gameplay.

A puzzle to tease out as the board shifts around you, leaving you to contemplate your bad choices from earlier in the game.

Phillip, a terrible planner

Here is the full playthrough of Patchwork on Table for Two with Phillip and his mother as guest.

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