Table for Two S3E14: Project L

Project L is a game that you look at and don’t think anything of besides it looks kind of cool. Then you try it and feel that hard jerk of the hook being set and you are in for the ride. Think Tetris smashing into your tabletop with engine building at its core and you are close to what you get.

I (Phillip) backed this in the second Kickstarter as I wanted in on all the hype. It is also a small company based out of the Czech Republic and that is my primary heritage so it was an added bonus. For as I much as I love this game it is Heather’s game now and I will have to pry it from her cold dead hands to ever get rid of it. The simple and rewarding puzzle solving is what does it for her in this game.

No link for this game as they printed only what they needed to fulfill the orders. Tough luck kiddos!

Complete puzzles, get more pieces, repeat and sprint to the end of the game on your terms!

How to play Project L

In Project L you are drafting puzzles to complete that give you points and extra pieces.

On your turn you have to take 3 actions, you can take multiple of the same action if you want and can.

The actions are:

Take a puzzle from the draft line or blind from the top of the puzzle decks (you can have 4 in front of you).

Upgrade a puzzle piece up a level ( just one piece)

Place one piece on one of your puzzles

Master action, place a piece on all of your puzzles (only once a turn)

Wipe the face up puzzles and reveal 3 more

When you complete a puzzle, you take back the pieces you used to complete it, get the piece on the card to your pool of pieces, and then flip it face down. All scoring is done at the end of the game.

There are 2 puzzle types, white back and black back. Once the black back deck is gone the game goes into the final action and scoring phase.

Every player gets 1 more turn, then you can finish any and all puzzles in front of you for -1 point for each piece you place to finish puzzles, but you don’t flip them till you are done placing pieces.

You get points for the puzzles you completed with points on them and lose points for not completed puzzles and pieces you placed at the end.

High score is the winner!

Those are the basic turn actions that we have played with. We have all the expansion just haven’t played with them yet.

The full rulebook for Project L is quite beautiful and matches the games design so well.

Thoughts on the game

Project L is a stressful shot of dopamine. You are running to grab pieces that will complete your puzzles with as few pieces as possible. You are doing this while stuffing point puzzles away and keeping a loose idea of what your opponents have scored. You are forced to watch the black deck dwindle like the hope you had for winning the game.

A satisfying quick puzzle game to play with amazing design and production level.

Heather, a proud game thief

Phillip and Heather did a full playthrough of Project L on Table for Two

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