DnD One Dual Wielder Feat Guide

crossed shadow swords dual wield

The dual wielder guide it one that is designed to bring in the idea of a player carrying two weapons at once as opposed to just one weapon or a weapon and a shield. For a player whose image of their character is one wielding two weapons in a flurry of activity while diving into …

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DnD One Defensive Duelist Feat

epee duel

The Defensive Duelist feat conjures images of the smooth swordsman, the fancy fencer so good with his blade that he can use those exceptional swordsman skills to deflect incoming attacks making it not only an offensive weapon, but a defensive one, as well. A light armor or medium armored aficionado, these characters are going to …

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DnD One Charger Feat Guide

highlander charge

The Charger Feat is definitely built with a very specific type of character build in mind. Charging straight into the fray with a seemingly reckless abandon, using the momentum to add extra damage to the swing of a sword or axe, or maybe just throwing a shoulder to shove an enemy into a disadvantageous position. …

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DnD One Crossbow Expert Feat Guide

crossbowmen in medieval battle

The Crossbow Expert is one of those niche feats that is well known among players who like a certain type of build. Mechanically necessary to help set crossbows apart from bows, to give them value beyond the short bow route, crossbow expert attempts to bring these powerful Medieval weapons to life in the world of …

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DnD One Athlete Feat Guide

5E athlete leaping over cliff

Some classes get their abilities through innate magic, or chance occurrences, but for others their road to becoming local, regional, and even legendary status in the world of Dungeons & Dragons is full of months and years and even decades of training. The idea of a honed Athlete fits with multiple classes, the hero who …

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DnD One Actor Feat Guide

two actor masks

The Actor Feat is one that I’ve taken and enjoyed, and while specialize it opens up some really cool features, or at least it did in 5th Edition. So how has it changed in DnD One and is this feat still a nearly must-take for any Bard or for those Rogues who want another tool …

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DnD One Epic Boons: Level 20 Feats Guide

Warrior facing stone titan

While epic boons were actually a thing in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, since they were listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and since many campaigns only go up to mid-levels, they didn’t come out all that often. These were advertised as optional bonuses bestowed upon players that allowed them to effectively “level” beyond level …

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D&D Lawful Neutral Alignment Guide

Alignment Chart - Lawful Neutral

Lawful Neutral (LN) is often portrayed in Dungeons & Dragons as stubborn, challenging, and hard to deal with. However, it does not always have to be this way; there are plenty of avenues to play Lawful Neutral that won’t have you fighting against your party. Understanding how the Lawful Neutral alignment works open up many …

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