Weapon Master 5E: DnD Feat Guide

medieval weapons and shield

Who wouldn’t want to be a weapon master? That sounds like the type of a feat that a fighter or other martial class would leap at, right? Who doesn’t want to master even more weapons? While the name of the weapon master feat sounds great, unfortunately that’s the last part of this feat that is … Read more

Tavern Brawler 5E: DnD Feat Guide

two men bare knuckle boxing

Tavern Brawler is a 5E feat that I love far more than what the final grade is going to be. This is a feat that focuses heavily on certain types of characters, the roleplay, and adding a little extra to make way for those glorious side moments off the beaten path of the main storyline. … Read more

Spell Sniper 5E: DnD Feat Guide

caster sitting in field

Spell sniper is a very popular 5th Edition D&D feat that should be a high priority to any full casting class that finds them relying on an array of attack spells that require a roll. Spell sniper offers some very specific benefits that many spellcasters are going to find useful. And warlocks, arguably, will find … Read more

Skulker 5E: DnD Feat Guide

Night Skulking Thief

Skulker is one of those niche feats that is clearly designed for one or two classes, but has some benefits that other niche or specialized builds might find useful. This can often be overlooked, in part because it is so clearly aimed at Rangers and Rogues, but if those were the only classes to look … Read more

Healing Word 5E: DnD Spell Guide

Healing Word

Darkness fell on the druids’ grove, and the orcs attacked soon after. Skirmishes were intense, with shapeshifters and beast masters fighting tooth and claw to hold every inch of the sacred area they had called home for so long. The elder was seemingly waging three battles at once with her magic, giving her allies the … Read more

Complete DnD 5E Medium Armor Guide

female viking in medium armor

Medium Armor tends to be that problem child of the armor types in 5th Edition DnD. There are many builds that make amazing use of light armor and Dexterity bonuses, as well as the tanks of fighters and paladins who love heavy armor…as does virtually every cleric who has the ability to upgrade to heavy … Read more

Skill Expert 5E: DnD Feat Guide

sneaky stealthy seal rogue

Skill Expert is a wonderful 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons feat that is not only versatile but offers surprising strength and roleplaying opportunities in the right circumstances. Take the following story as an example of why the 5E Skill Expert feat can rock: Jovially the bard laughs before accepting more free drinks, her performance unequalled … Read more