5E Lightning Lure Spell Guide

mage casting lightning lure

In 5th Edition D&D there are many damage spells and many utility spells, but sometimes you get that rare spell, or in this case a cantrip, that does a little bit of both. The 5E lightning lure cantrip that first appeared in Tasha’s and provides an interesting pick for a cantrip that can do some …

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Monster of the Week RPG Playbook Guide

Monster of the Week TTRPG Books

Monster of the Week is an excellent tabletop RPG system from Evil Hat Productions that uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system of dice and offers players just what it promises: a very episodic modern RPG where a different monster, alien, supernatural, or unnatural being comes up every week and a strange mystery needs to …

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Monster of the Week The Hex Class Review

monster of the week the hex playbook

The Hex has managed to be one of the most interesting, controversial, and argued about playbook from the Monster of the Week system, and it’s not hard to see where a lot of players and DMs potentially run into problems. The Hex Playbook was released with Tome of Mysteries, and is one of the most …

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Monster of the Week The Snoop Class Guide

Snoops in Monster of the Week

The Snoop is one of the additional classes that came after the initial book and was released for Monster of the Week players as free online content. This is an interesting playbook, and one that clearly treads in similar ground to the existing Searcher playbook in MOTW. The Snoop comes in multiple forms and can …

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Monster of the Week The Wronged Class Guide

Monster of the Week The Wronged Playbook

The Wronged playbook in Monster of the Week plays off a classic trope, the one of the normal man or woman who lost it all to an unnatural force and vowed to become stronger, to find out everything there was to know, to build up into the warrior who could force revenge. This is going …

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Monster of the Week The Spell-Slinger Class Guide

Monster of the Week Spell Slinger Class

The Spell-Slinger class is all about taking that magical something and turning it back against the unnatural and supernatural threats that are not only preying on regular people, but are going to inevitably be an issue when you’re investigating mysteries with your group of hunters. While the Professional may have a lot of guns and …

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Monster of the Week The Searcher Class Guide

monster of the week the searcher class playbook

You were just someone ordinary, another mundane in the world, but then you saw something inexplicable. This event changed you, and started you down a path to truth that now dominates your life. You know there’s weird stuff out there, and you are determined to discover it all and offer what aid you can to …

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