What is the Best World Size for Terraria?

Terraria world sizes

World creation in Terraria brings with it some of the highest anticipation of the entire game. A new world’s environment is unblemished and unknown, giving you a sense of discovery with every step you take, every nook you explore, and every block you place. Since Terraria’s initial launch in 2011, there are also several more … Read more

Do Weapons or Tools Break in Terraria?

Terraria anvil and forge

If you’re coming to Terraria from another sandbox game like Minecraft, you’re probably used to the idea that few things are permanent. Between explosive creepers capable of damaging your houses, the fact that all your items drop when you die in Minecraft, and the general wear and tear your weapons and tools suffer, you start … Read more

What Counts as Valid Housing in Terraria?

Terraria small house

No matter how many times I take a break from and then return to Terraria, one fact remains constant – I simply can’t remember how to build suitable NPC houses. I’ll remember that they need things like a background wall after my first attempt, niceties like a work bench and a torch after being told … Read more

Why Can’t I Break Demon Altars in Terraria?

Terraria Demon Altar Pwnhammer

If you’ve come across a weird purple claw or spike thing that you can’t seem to mine or destroy while exploring in Terraria, there’s a good chance you’ve found what is called a Demon Altar. Demon Altars are crafting stations found in Terraria worlds that begin with The Corruption, and share their many uses with … Read more

How Long Do Items Stay On the Ground in Terraria?

Terraria Chicken Nugget

After spending half an hour in a fresh Terraria dungeon, it’s easy to lose track of how much money you have. You’re probably more worried about whether you can fit the latest cool item you found in a chest or on an enemy’s body into your inventory. As you’re shuffling items around, an enemy sneaks … Read more

Where Do Wyverns Spawn in Terraria?

Terraria Wyvern

Ah, Terraria. Whether you enjoy exploration, constructing cool buildings, gardening, or mechanical engineering, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied in this 16-bit 2D paradise. I personally find it a lot more laid back than Minecraft, and have lost literal days spelunking for materials to build the perfect house above ground. Back when it was … Read more

MTG’s Best Flicker Commanders (Payoffs)

Garth One-Eye MTG card

Creatures that have a cool ability that triggers when they enter the battlefield (ETB) can be found as far back in Magic: The Gathering‘s (MTG) history as Alliances, but Visions, released in 1997, was the first MTG set to truly lean into this area of card design. Powerful spells like Unsummon and Terror were stapled … Read more