How Does Standard Array Work in 5E D&D?

dice on character sheet

When it comes to character creation in Dungeons and Dragons, one of the first and most important steps is to determine what ability scores you are going to have. Your Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma will help determine your character’s talents and shortcomings when it comes to skills, spellcasting, combat, and resilience. There … Read more

MTG’s Best Black Mana Ramp Cards for Commander

Crypt Ghast MTG card

Looking back at Magic’s extensive history, seeing how certain colors in the color pie evolved from their earliest card designs in Alpha to present day sets is very interesting. Some aspects, like blue’s affinity for countermagic or green’s affinity for efficient creatures, have remained the same. Others, like black’s relationship with mana acceleration, have undergone … Read more

5E Half Caster Guide: Half Casters, Third Casters, & Other Partial Casters

Spellcaster with a sword

There’s no getting around a common truth of many tabletop RPGs – spellcasters are harder characters to build, manage, and optimize than non-spellcasters. Despite a much more streamlined set of rules compared to its earlier versions, 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons is no exception, adding an entire extra page of information to any spellcaster’s character … Read more

MTG’s Best Blue Board Wipes for Commander

The Phasing of Zhalfir MTG card

When a Magic: The Gathering player thinks of control, their instinct is to think of blue. With its wealth of efficient counterspells and card draw options, no other color comes close to blue’s prowess when it comes to picking and choosing what spells its opponents are allowed to resolve. Since card advantage and attrition are … Read more

How Much Health Can You Have in Terraria?

Terraria Life Crystal

One of the first lessons you learn when playing video games is to keep your health from reaching 0. In games like Super Mario Bros., this means not letting Mario take a hit while he’s small. In RPGs, you can usually see every character’s exact HP total. When a character gets low, you heal them … Read more

Can You Change the Time in Terraria?

Terraria Enchanted Sundial

There’s typically no shortage of things to do when running a new character through a Terraria world. Houses need to be built for NPCs, ore has to be mined to craft equipment so you can start putting bosses in their place, and the world has to be explored in order to prepare for events in … Read more

MTG’s Best Black Board Wipes for Commander

Toxic Deluge MTG card

When playing in a Magic: The Gathering format where decks are typically built around a legendary creature, it isn’t exactly a revelation to point out that you should include the ability to answer said creatures while building your Commander deck. Spot removal, or spells that destroy a single creature, can definitely get the job done … Read more

MTG’s Best White Board Wipes for Commander

Vanquish the Horde MTG card

Each color in Magic: The Gathering‘s color pie excels at certain tasks, performing them far better than any other. For example, green is the best at mana ramp, black is the best at tutoring, blue has the best countermagic, red gets the best burn spells, and white is the best at mass removal (also referred … Read more