Unqualified Experts #38: Best 5E DnD Classes for Beginners

This was a topic that has been asked of both The Business and I multiple times, and so it was one that was interesting to tackle. Braden’s been involved with TTRPGs for so long that it can be hard for him to remember what those first campaigns were like. But because he understands so many systems inside and out he knows how much knowledge and experience is really needed not just to play a class, but to play it well.

Shane has 6 years of experience, but considering his in-depth articles on 5E D&D mechanics, his DM’ing of a 4-year 5E campaign with really experienced players, and to be honest 6 years ago doesn’t seem that long. His memories of being a first-time player are still really fresh.

It’s no secret that some classes are just easier for beginners than others are. While a true beginner should never feel blocked from playing a class or character, breaking down the characters by what they do can help guide true beginners to the best classes that are both easy to learn AND let them dip their toes into the types of fantasy characters they love.

5E DnD Character Creation for Beginners

This episode does an AMAZING job of breaking down classes in a way that’s understandable and easy to take action off of. They talk about classes based on:

  • Which classes are most beginner friendly
  • Which classes are least beginner friendly (and maybe should be avoided)
  • What classes to pick based on what you want to do (melee combat, ranged combat, heavy magic use, half magic + half martial combat, etc.)
  • Which 5E races match up best with each class
  • Which stats to pay attention to with certain classes

This video does a great job of breaking down the options, giving beginner-friendly advice, and helping guide new players into the best characters to help them make their first 5E game a good one. Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy it!


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