Unqualified Experts #40: Advanced Poker Playing Tips

Well it turns out when you get two old school poker players together they like to talk. And talk, and talk, and well it was very entertaining but we had to split the nearly two hour conversation into two separate episodes. Fortunately, there was a pretty good split point where many of the tips went from beginner into learning how to go from beginner to intermediate and even advanced.

So as an Editor the wonderful Braden thought: “Perfect split point!”

So here is part two. More stories abound, both Shane and Callahan talk about moving from beginning players who lost to professionals who made money, and the main lessons that helped them move from the first group to the second one.

Advanced Poker Tips & Strategies Video – Unqualified Experts

Check out our advanced poker tips video on YouTube later if you don’t have the time to enjoy it now!

This was an absolute blast to put together, and many thanks once again to Callahan for bringing his expertise and experience to a great episode. We both had a blast and hope you enjoy the stories, strategies, and poker advice as much as we did.

Also Brownie: what a hand!

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