Unqualified Experts #35: Secrets to Making Successful RPG Campaigns

Planning a TTRPG campaign is no easy task. New players need extra guidance and encouragement to come out of the shell, experienced players are ready to spread their wings in the tabletop arena, and long-time players are ready to create havoc for the game master because, well, it’s funny. And that’s even for those players who aren’t like the Corrupt Overlord and veer towards chaos naturally (understatement).

There are so many ways to go about creating an amazing world and an amazing campaign and we’re going to do a deep dive into that in this video:

This is great expert level information or takes on

  • Top-Down World Building
  • Bottom-Up World Building
  • Flexibility
  • Plot frameworks
  • Mild voice changes to do voices even if you’re bad at voices
  • Painting a world and making it come to life
  • The power of back stories
  • Creating encounters
  • Customizing enemies or bosses effectively
  • How to improv when things go really sideways and more!

This video is packed with great information from players who love to play in a story, and love to tell a story. We’ve all been on both sides of the table and bring decades of combined experience to the table.

Secrets of Successful RPG Campaign Design Video – Assorted Meeples

There’s a great opening here, fantastic guests, and it came together for a great episode we believe DMs of all experience levels will enjoy and find useful.

With this many years of DMing so many different systems and campaign styles, no one should be surprised by the sheer amount of great information that comes from this episode.

Special thanks once again to Nate and Ben, long-time friends of the group who brought their expertise on this topic to the table (literally) and we hope you enjoy this episode on DM’ing as much as we enjoyed shooting it!

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