Unqualified Experts #33: Best TTRPGs Other Than DnD

We’re huge fans of 5th Edition D&D. While it has its flaws, as all systems do, this framework has allowed two amazing gaming groups to come together and thrive, create many memorable adventures and characters, and bring relatively (or completely) new players into the world of tabletop gaming.

In short, despite many valid complaints, we like 5E DnD, it’s a great system, and we’re very much looking forward to the changes, revisions, and adjustments that are poised to come out with 5.5 in 2022.

But sometimes you just want something different in your tabletop playing experience.

And when you ask for something different when it comes to gaming, boy howdy do we have a group that can deliver. And then some.

Braden, Shane, and special guests (and fellow gamers/DMs) Nate and Ben each bring in a favorite system (that someone else in the group didn’t already grab) and we each bring a description of what each system brings to the table, the cons of each system, perspectives from both player and DM point of views, and more.

These in-depth deep dives of each system will give you an idea if each is a system you want to try out or not.

The systems we review dodge the obvious answer of Pathfinder and go with:

  • Eclipse Phase
  • War Hammer 40K
  • Fireborn
  • Over the Edge

Honorable Mentions of systems we’ve loved but didn’t quite make it here: Pathfinder, Fate, Dresden (using fate), Vampire the Masquerade, and Werewolf. Several of them have played some amazing Call of Cthulhu campaigns, as well.

However, there are good reasons that each of us picked the system we did, and a couple of these very few even experienced tabletop players have heard about, providing every chance of giving you a new gaming experience.

Best TRPGs Other Than DnD Video

You have four individuals with years of experience playing multiple systems, years of experience DMing multiple systems, and who are passionate about Tabletop gaming. Hope you love the opening sketch, our take on an important PSA, and the great video to follow!

In Conclusion

This was an amazing video to shoot, we loved hanging out with these two awesome gamers/DMs/friends, and it came together as a great video that we hope you all enjoy. Take a look at this great video and as always: good gaming!

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