Unqualified Experts #32: Building the Best Budget Gaming PC

This week’s episode is going to be something different. We’ve never been afraid to try something new, and with the great minds we can pull together from this group and from friends, how could we pass up on the opportunity to put together such a great video on a topic that we know so many of you will absolutely 100% appreciate.

For all the crap we give him (and rightfully so) when it comes to computer hardware Callahan really knows his stuff. As does Braden. And I’ve lost track of the number of good gaming PCs that Falker has built from scratch. At that table you have over 20 years of GoDaddy experience (from the golden years when they really, really cared about quality), over 35 years of PC building experience, and over 90 years of combined gaming experience.

In other words, they know a thing or two about putting together a budget-friendly PC that can handle all of your gaming, video editing, or other computing needs.

Best Gaming PC That’s DIY Budget Friendly

We hope you enjoy the opening sketch and the amazing video that followed. Special thanks to Falker once again for lending his expertise to the group. Always a pleasure and thanks for helping us provide more amazing content for our community.

In Conclusion

We hope you found that incredibly useful and interesting. For sure, that is a group that knows how to put together an incredible PC and with the advice they can provide you’re on your way to the best possible setup.

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