Unqualified Experts #26: Video Game Remakes or Sequels We’d Love to See

Seems like whether talking about movies, TV shows, or video games we get an endless marching list of sequels and remakes. Some are good or interesting, many more no one asked for. And yet when it comes to video games, often times there is a clear example of an amazing game that did some cool things often under tiny budgets or struggling from a team of independent programmers.

These are titles that seriously deserve some extra love whether that’s in the form of a game actually getting the support and funding needed for the job to be done right, or indie titles that did something different and special – but were clearly limited by budget, experience, and having to shoestring budget everything.

Video Game Remakes & Sequels We Long to See

I guess the thumbnail makes a couple of the choices pretty obvious…

What Systems Are Covered?

Actually quite a few. We look at games from the NES, SNES, XBox 360, and independent games released for PC on Steam. This allows us to cover a wide array of different styles, genres, and systems. Some of these games are classics that are over 15 years old, others are 40 year old gems, or even some relatively recent independent studio releases that have only been out relatively recently.

While we don’t have any actual pull in creating a remake or a sequel – I’m just saying that if it can be done after all this time with Final Fantasy 7, why can’t it also happen with some of these other games? Why can’t a really amazing small indie game team get serious Kickstarter funding to take an amazing first game and use that as a template for an expanded incredible new world a la Harvest Moon in Space?

What Games Deserve the Remake/Sequel Treatment?

We have our opinions…but you’ll need to see the video to get the full list. A couple are obvious classics, but there are some pretty amazing games that 99% of gamers have never even heard of. It’s a good mix that deep dives into each game, what it is, why it was special, and whether remake or sequel is the direction we’d be most excited about.

We hope you really enjoy this episode. Let us know in the YouTube comments what your top choices are and why – we’d love to hear from you!

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