Unqualified Experts #34: Why Today’s Entertainment Sucks

Well it was only a matter of time until the Meeples came at you with a really spicy take, and it seems like the time was now. While it might be hard to believe (said with eyes rolling) Shane and Braden apparently have some opinions about the current state of today’s entertainment whether movie theaters, movie studios, streaming services, and more.

If you like the rants of Grandpa Simpson from The Simpsons or Peter Griffin from the “Grind My Gears” segment of early Family Guy, then you are probably going to really enjoy what The Business and the Corrupt Overlord bring to the table in episode 34.

The discussions bring up the obvious, the not so obvious, and while letting off the steam and frustrations that so many of us feel while angrily dealing with the stupid and the STOOPID of what’s currently going on with movies, entertainment, and Hollywood in general.

Based on the high energy and entertaining early sketch (and final rant – don’t want to miss that one) you can tell they have been holding back for some time…but no more!

Entertainment Rant Video from Assorted Meeples

There were some hot takes in this one…and the only thing expert about it was the thumbnail.

So what are your takes on our takes?

Does this half of the Meeples, the Unqualified Experts, have their pulse on what’s going on? Do you agree, disagree, or fall somewhere in the middle? Please leave your comment on our YouTube video so you can join the conversation.

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This was an incredibly fun and entertaining episode to film and we hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as we loved filming it. So thanks for the support and we will see you with a new episode next week!

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