Unqualified Experts #22: SNES Nostalgia for Season 1’s Close!

Well it’s been a wild season and although it ended slightly sooner than we might have preferred, wishing our Corrupt Overlord a speedy conclusion to his dental surgeries and speedy recovery to follow, we’re ending on two of our best episodes and two of the best openings from the season. And that’s not saying nothing!

What better way to mark the end of a season than with a bit of nostalgia? It’s been an awesome year of episodes based on board games, video games, and of course plenty of D&D and tabletop roleplaying content. We’ve learned plenty along the way, and the early NES episode was a huge hit. There were plenty of requests from all of you for a SNES episode and we were happy to oblige!

Focusing on some amazing RPGs that flew under the radar during one of the all-time great RPG eras, sporting games well ahead of their time, and the weird random games that worked then went away until Steam opened up independent game development again – this is a great list from two of our favorite Meeples.

All the SNES Goodness

This is a great list. You have the RPGs that are true classics, RPGs you almost certainly have never heard of, and random appearances by old wrestling superstars, zombies, and a famous animated cartoon family, just to name a few. Not to mention Brownie’s favorite game to interrupt in the middle of Shane’s gameplay.

There is even a guest appearance by Callahan discussing the Old Man Gamer’s point of view on how RPGs used to be.

So join us for 11 great SNES games as we go down memory lane looking at some of our favorite memories that came with playing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

What About Season 2 of Unqualified Experts?

Oh, there will definitely be a season two!

Season One was actually an experiment based on the world becoming a dumpster fire in 2020. Turns out not only did we really enjoy making these episodes and enjoying ourselves but the response from viewers was fantastic.

Shane’s going to continue the patient healing process with the on-going dental surgeries and take time to recover. This also gives some much needed time for both Braden and Shane to brainstorm what they want for Season 2, look at bringing in guest hosts (when the world stops burning), and bringing an even better season to the table.

So it will happen. We don’t have a set date yet and a lot of variables are being juggled in the air, but tentatively season two will kick off sometime in late 2021.

Phil and Heather are continuing on with Table for Two while Braden and Shane will still be around. Braden’s streams on Twitch have been awesome. Shane continues to write great new articles for this website. They are going to feel free to try more things out on YouTube and see what really hits, and what they can do within reason of their limitations.

So please consider following, subscribing, or supporting us as you see fit.

Hope you love the last episode, the first season, and we look forward to bringing you season two in the future!

UPDATE: Season 2 of Unqualified Experts has been released and it’s on fire! There are more shenanigans than ever, we’ve been told, and if you enjoyed season one you will absolutely love season two. Thanks for the amazing support!

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