Unqualified Experts Season 2 Finale (#42): Arcane Focus Vs. Component Pouch

Well it was an amazing season, and we’ve had a blast talking to new subs, bringing on all the guest hosts, and really tackling a lot of different topics that we really enjoy. We decided to finish this season the same way we kicked it off – by burning Braden’s house down. Wait, no, I mean with a 5th edition D&D comparison video.

We actually touched on this great topic of comparing the arcane focus vs component pouch in 5th Ed Dungeons & Dragons. You can check out that article for some in-depth comparisons on the mechanical side while this video focuses on how these can become great compliments to a TTRPG storyline.

Including thoughts from both the player’s point of view as well as the DM’s point of view. So if you have any questions about the arcane focus or carrying a component pouch? Want to know how to make this matter without getting bogged down?

Want to know how to make these interesting or even beneficial? Hit that play button and enjoy!

Component Pouch Vs Arcane Focus 5E

While many DMs (rightfully) don’t want to bog down the game with too many details, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Take a look at the ideas in the show, the sketch (and post credits bonus Easter egg) and once again thanks so much for the amazing support you all have shown throughout season one and season two.

We don’t know when season three will start but we have tons of ideas, plan on doing some really awesome things, and will be loading the blog up with great new content.

So thanks for stopping by, please give us a wave and say hi, and as always: “Good Gaming!!!!”

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