Unqualified Experts #31: Roleplaying LizardFolk and Firbolg

One of the major frustrations some players have is realizing that no matter what they play it just feels like being a human calling themselves something else. Sort of takes the fantasy and imagination out of it. Especially problematic with elves and half-elves. But some races are so different, so distinctive, that it’s easy to know they’re not human.

However, on the other side of it, that can also make them really challenging to play, as well. As we discussed earlier with Kenku and Tabaxi, race characters that are very distinctive and fun to play when handled properly, some races are so different or alien that you really need to think about and plan how to play them.

Firbolg can fall into this group, and often should. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Lizardfolk DEFINITELY belong to this group. Even in their description it says they think in a way alien to what warm blooded mammals will recognize. So if they’re completely alien from how you think then how are you supposed to think like them in order to play them?

How to Roleplay Lizardfok and Firbolg

For this episode we have resident troublemaker Shane, aka Corrupt Overlord, giving his expertise at thinking in a way none of us can freaking follow to try to tackle how to play a Lizardfolk while Patron, awesome gaming friend, and long time role player Erik reprises his role as one of the most unique Firbolgs any of us have ever seen.

Or the most unique characters we have played with in any campaign period.

So you want to roleplay Lizardfolk in 5E? You want to play Firbolgs in 5E? We’ve got ya, fam! Enjoy the episode and leave a comment encouraging Brownie in is DM’ing journey!

In Conclusion

This was a blast of an episode to shoot and hits a topic close to a lot of our hearts. We hope you enjoy the episode and leave your roleplaying stories in the comments of the YouTube video. Enjoy!

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