Unqualified Experts #41: Best Group Board Games for 6+ Players

We have a very large group of gaming friends. And that means that sometimes we need a game that can bring in the largest of groups. No disrespect to the 3-4 person board games – we love them as anyone who checks out our Thursday night stream is very well aware of. When the full group is coming back and we’re packing gamers into the gaming room like the Blues Brothers pack band members into an undersized car – well comfort aside, the good news is we got the games for that!

Finding good information on the best games for 6 or more players can be a bit challenging, because we’re not just looking at games that you can play six players with, but games that play fantastic at 6+ players.

The quality of the gaming experience matters, and with that in mind here’s a great video on games to break out when you have the whole table full!

Best Board Games for 6+ Players

Please check out our YouTube video on the best 6 player games. We loved producing this episode (and season) and appreciate the continued support!

And if you’re the no-attention span type of person who just wants the list (no judging, we understand :))

There are also multiple honorable mentions that come up. These are some of the best games and we have been blessed to already find more we would have added to the list if we had known about them at filming time.

So please leave comments on the video to let us know which ones are your favorites, which ones that we missed, and as always we hope you love the episode, love these amazing board games and as always, good gaming!

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