Unqualified Experts #16: Steam Video Games We Love to Hate

There are many amazing games out on Steam. There are also many video games out there that are utterly infuriating. What is weird is when you run into the games that kind of hit both marks. You love the best that these games have to offer. You enjoy a fun time playing all of them until the ugliest parts of these games raise their ugly heads and ruin what was an enjoyable experience.

So what do the guys complain about here? Janky controls, badly timed grind and/or autosave, timers, heavy handed enforcement of mood, and adjusted RNG are some of the “stars” of this slew of complaints against otherwise outstanding games. There are good points, there are bad points, and when you put them together you have six games that we love to hate.

I also refuse to change my mind about save scrumming. If your game requires save scrumming it’s not challenging, it’s not strategy, it’s broken.

Which Steam Games Do You Love/Hate?

Once again, we tend to love these games but man, this video on games we love to hate on Steam really hits the full list of games that drive us nuts.

We want to love them. We do love them. And then the games hurt us. They keep hurting us. While Braden and I have very different lists that involve radically different games, they really come back to the same thing: great games that have decisions or pieces so infuriating that it just kind of tarnishes what should otherwise be an amazing game without notable flaws.

gamer about to smash laptop
Shane SMASH!!!

We hope you enjoy this video and feel free in the YouTube comments over there to share with us the ones you think we should add to the list…or take off of it.

Shane’s Picks

  • Cultist Simulator
  • Dead in Vinland
  • Battle Brothers

Braden’s Picks

  • Unrailed
  • Worms W.M.D.
  • Destiny 2

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