Game Night: 2/20/2020

Dice and Dragons Board Game

Wait, another week has flown by and it is time for game night once again? Really? Well then, game day it is! We have a really unique game this week and chances are really good that even if you’re a serious gamer you have probably never even heard of our main game, much less played it. Always fun to learn a new one, right?

We all get really competitive with one another, and while pulling heists while robbing from each other is great fun, sometimes we need to turn to some team building.

Since the table glares at Shane with absolute rage based on how the last game of Dead of Winter went (yes, I needed three sniper rifles to finish the job as the traitor – you all were playing co-op but it turns out I was not) we decided it was time to try something really different.

While you may have seen this game meandering around KickStarter, Braden found Dice & Dragons during his trip to Gen Con last year – and got to demo it with the creator to boot! This is a cooperative Yahtzee-style dice game that harnesses the power of good dice rolling as we work together as adventurers who are trying to kill as many dragons as possible. Without getting murdered, of course.

We may have finally found a game where Phil’s b.s. dice rolling can be used for good instead of evil. What a strange, strange day!

Main Game: Dice & Dragons

So Dice & Dragons takes from a lot of Dungeons & Dragons elements. Players will have different skills as they play adventurers working together to get the dice they need to slay the dragons, be heroes, and avoid getting their faces murdered off. Players have a choice between playing a cleric, ranger, rogue, warrior, or wizard. Each class has different stat blocks and abilities, adding to the replay value and giving teams certain strengths and weaknesses.

There are different options when it comes to what dice need to be rolled, what the challenges of each quest are, and how victory can be achieved. Adventurers can choose to play it safe or they can go all out and try to max out that score. Of course the higher the reward, the higher the risk, but certainly Phil’s luck won’t abandon him when it’s finally being used for good and not trolling the table, right?

This is a fun and fast moving game that is quite unique and gives some very original game play compared to what you might be used to. A great combination of luck, strategy, and teamwork makes this game a winner and we predict it will be a very entertaining game to watch this week on stream.

Will the party succeed? Will Phil’s dice rolling luck become even more infuriating by abandoning him when it actually helps the table out? Tune in and find out. Personally I have 3:2 odds on the dragons…but we shall see!

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