Assorted Meeples News Release: Season 2 of Unqualified Experts Premieres August 4th!

Unqualified Experts Is Back, Baby!

The demand has been there from our awesome community. From Patrons, from close orbit friends, from our friends and acquaintances who quietly loved the videos but didn’t usually follow much online or consider themselves gamers. Whatever the background, the message was loud and clear:

People wanted more Unqualified Experts.

Some major dental surgery on one host, a couple vaccines, and a few months later and the time has finally come!

We are officially announcing the launch of Season 2 of Unqualified Experts by Assorted Meeples, with the first of a 20 episode season airing on Wednesday, August 4th.

Original Announcement Video for Season 2 of Unqualified Experts

No one is surprised this is Shane’s fault, right?

This season promises to bring everything people loved about season one with a whole lot more. Better cameras, better sound and lighting, and so many great opening sketches. Once again episodes range from vintage video games to top board games, DnD & other role playing systems and more. This time with many guests who are actually experts.

We’re incredibly excited about this season. It was so moving to see just how many people loved Unqualified Experts and we had an absolute blast putting season 2 together. It’s going to be fantastic, it was a ton of hard work, and we hope everyone really loves it.

Shane, aka Corrupt Overlord

Nearly half of the episodes feature fellow Meeples Callahan and Phil, or friends of the Meeples who are specialists in TTRPG, video games, and board game to come in and share their expertise with our audience. It’s an exciting change of pace and apparently we’ve also been promised an episode where Shane rants so hard he breaks down like a robot?


We’ve really worked to level up the show and really pull out it’s full potential. Even in season one you could really see the growth as we figured things out and this season has just been excellent.

Braden, aka The Business

We hope to see you all there for the premiere and yet another season of Unqualified Experts!

UPDATE: It’s here! Episode One of Season Two of Unqualified Experts – Sorcerer Vs. Wizard!