Table for Two #12: On Tour

A roll and write game with a VW Microbus on the cover…how could I not be intrigued from the get-go? Talking about road trips, about bands heading through the United States. Heather and Phil are both fans of simple roll and write games, especially when they are well made. On Tour is definitely in that vein as a simple yet quality roll and write game that involves an impressive amount of strategy.

Also Heather’s sarcastic and well timed comments leaving Phil speechless in the beginning are beyond hilarious. Well done.

You can see the original Kickstarter page that led to the creation of this simple yet enjoyable game as you watch yet another fantastic episode of Table for Two.

This On Tour playthrough was one of the earlier ones on YouTube and we’re happy to be a part of giving another quality independent game the attention it needs and deserves! The Floppy Shoes vs. The Four Kids: what road band will win?

What Phil & Heather Think

This video was actually the very first time they played this game and that really adds a lot here. It’s one thing to see a playthrough where clearly everyone has played the game many times before, it’s another to see how easy (or hard) a game is to adapt to and what kind of gameplay results. Phil enjoyed the game quite a bit, Heather had plenty of reasons to be sassy, the gameplay was good and the interaction was even better.

There’s a little bit of up in the air thought but it was enjoyable enough to definitely give it some future runs and get more gameplay under their belt. Which is definitely what you want from a game.

Phil’s Take

The game on camera was literally the first one that we played. While the premise is super simple, the journey through the middle of the game makes for the type of tension that good games tend to have. The packaging with a “book box” is just fantastic. Expertly packed. Player boards made from serious material. Genuinely impressed by the quality and care.

Phil, loving the game and nerding out on the packaging

Thanks for the support, and we hope you enjoyed this first hand look at playing On Tour.

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