Table for Two #18: Dice City

The initial game setup here showed me I was going to have to really pay attention to this episode – even more so than usual. Dice City is an excellent boardgame by Vangelis Bagiartakisa. Roll dice, place your dice for resources and locations, and build your way to victory. This is a very different change of pace game that will be more measured, have some thinking time, and doesn’t require secrecy with cards or plans.

This is an interesting game that can be played with two or four players, and Phil and Heather do an excellent job of demonstrating what this game has to offer. That way you can make a decision whether it’s for you or not.

If you’re interested in Dice City you can look for up to date prices here on Amazon.

This DIce City playthrough gives a good show of a really fascinating game that is quite different from many of the others that Table for Two has brought us up to this point.

What Phil & Heather Think

Phil really enjoys this game and loves the dice. This isn’t nearly as much Heather’s type of game as she finds it a bit repetitive and isn’t as big on the repeat patterns. This is a game that it isn’t bad from her point of view, but it isn’t top of the rotation. This is a heavy dice rolling game and Phil thinks that while fun for 2 there’s a good chance that it plays a lot better as a multi-player game.

Would be interesting to see how 2 player Dice City compares to 4 player Dice City and see how much that affects gameplay.

Phil’s Take

Technically a fun game, missing some of the fun element at two players. Dice placement – it’s a good game, but feels like something is missing. Possible that it plays better with multiple players as opposed to two players. Less interaction – player does their thing, then the other does theirs.

Phil with a great honest assessment on what he thinks of the game.

Overall a really solid game, and good, but not the preferred cup of tea for either Heather or Phil. Is it the right style of game for you? Only a little bit of time will tell!

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